Among Us Players Can Earn A Free Glitch Pet By Watching Twitch Rivals

Among Us is teaming up with Twitch to give players a free Glitch pet for those who watch the Twitch Rivals Among Us Showdown before Dec 18.

Watching other people play video games continues to pay off as Among Us players can redeem a free Glitch pet by watching Twitch Rivals for a limited period of time. The Twitch Glitch Pet is the first new pet since Among Us has seen an enormous spike in popularity, and it is also the first pet to ever be given away to players for free.

Among Us pets are cosmetic items that don’t affect the game at all, but they do add a bit of flair to the player’s wardrobe. These little buddies follow the player around the map keeping them company as they either complete tasks or murder other players. If a player with a pet is killed, the pet will remain in the location where the body was found crying or moping for the rest of the game. Sadly, pets can’t follow dead crewmates into the afterlife.

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While pets are normally locked behind microtransactions, the Glitch Pet can be obtained for free with minimal effort on the player’s part. The official Twitch Rivals Twitter account announced the partnership between itself and InnerSloth, the developer of Among Us. Players who link their Among Us accounts to their Twitch account can watch Twitch Rivals between December 4 and 18 to receive their free Glitch Pet. However, some players are experiencing difficulties linking their accounts.

To link the accounts, players must first open Among Us on their computer, open the settings menu, navigate to the “data” tab, and click on the Twitch icon at the bottom right corner. This is supposed to open in the user’s default browser but is currently not working as intended. When redirected to Twitch, players need to press the Authorize button and then allow Twitch to open Among Us. Players will then need to watch the Twitch Rivals Among Us Showdown anytime before December 18 in order to claim the free Glitch Pet.

Twitch gives away plenty of free items via Prime Gaming and enabling drops, but this seems like a power move from both Twitch and InnerSloth. Among Us is one of the most popular games on the internet at the moment, and giving away a free item for the game is a great way to draw viewers to Twitch. In turn, more players will likely flock to Among Us seeing as a free limited-time item is available making this partnership a win-win for the game and Twitch.

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Among Us is available on PC, iOS, and Android.

Source: Twitch Rivals

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