10 Major Relationships, Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

In the last seventeen years of Grey’s Anatomy, the viewers have seen many epic and drama-filled romances form. Some of the surgeons have gone on to have some very successful relationships while others haven’t been so lucky. To this day, there are quite a few characters who are still trying to find their ‘person.’

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However, if fans had to choose which relationship they believe was the healthiest, which one would they pick? Which major relationship would they say was the strongest and which one would they say was weakest?

10 Anyone Jackson Has Been With

If fans did a quick rewatch of the series, they would notice that one character could never get his relationships to work. Out of the seven relationships he has been in during his eleven-year tenure, Jackson’s romances always ended on an awkward note.

His relationship with Lexie was doomed since she was in love with Mark. His relationship with April wasn’t the same after their son died, and his romance with Vic fizzled out after the firefighter realized she wasn’t ready for commitment. Not to forget how he abandoned Maggie in the middle of nowhere and broke up with Stephanie after publicly confessing his love for April. The man should stay single for a while…

9 Mark And Lexie

While Mark and Lexie will forever have a special place in the fans’ hearts, most people will agree that they had a weak relationship. Back in season 5, the writers took the viewers by surprise when Mark and Lexie began a forbidden romance. Although it started with the occasional hookup, Mark and Lexie eventually fell in love. However, it wasn’t smooth sailing.

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Over the three-and-a-half years they were together, the couple broke up several times. The most common reason why they split was because they were at different life stages. While it did look like they were going to make another go of it in season 8, a tragedy struck and scuppered the fans’ hopes as they were both killed. But would they have lasted? Probably not with their track record.

8 Owen And Cristina

Passionate and dramatic – Owen and Cristina’s love story used to have fans on the edge of their seats. However, fans soon realized this relationship wasn’t going to last as too many obstacles had got in the way. For one, there was the fact that Teddy would always be in the picture and that Owen hadn’t addressed his feelings for her properly.

Two, the fact that they wanted different things in their future. Three, there was quite a bit of infidelity and unresolved issues they hadn’t dealt with either. Eventually, Owen and Cristina called time on their relationship because their problems were just too great. Now, Owen lives in Seattle and has two kids while Cristina runs her own hospital. It was a win-win all around.

7 Callie And Arizona

One couple’s fate that seems to be up in the air at the moment is Callie and Arizona’s relationship. Beginning in season 5, the writers took fans on an emotional journey. There were breakups and makeups, a pregnancy revelation, a wedding, and several traumatic incidents. Fans thought they were unbreakable and would stand the testament of time.

However, it was not meant to be. After the plane crash and Arizona’s cheating scandal, the couple couldn’t get their spark back. Once they divorced, their relationship became even more strained when they engaged in a bitter custody battle. With Callie then moving to New York with Penny, and Arizona starting relationships with Minnick and Carina, it looked like it was over for the two. But if the text Callie sent in the season 14 finale was anything to go by, there’s hope that they may make it after all.

6 Richard And Catherine

When it comes to Richard and Catherine’s relationship, there are a lot of fans on the fence. On the one hand, fans love that they challenge and bring out a side to one another that was undiscovered before. They also love that Richard seems to be the only one who can make Catherine see the error of her ways and try to come to a rational conclusion.

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However, not everyone can get on board with this ‘ship due to the unbalanced power relations. Just recently, Richard and Catherine were on the brink of divorce because they stubbornly refused to admit their issues. Catherine even bought the hospital Richard worked at to undermine him. While all seems to be well now, many fans are wondering how long the stalemate (and this marriage) will last.

5 April And Matthew

One of the show’s strongest and most underrated romances has to be the love story of April and Matthew. First beginning in season 9, April and Matthew went through a tumultuous relationship. There was happiness, heartbreak, some humor, and a little bit of hate. After they broke up and married other people, everyone thought it was all over for them. However, the writers had other plans.

After Jackson began a relationship with Maggie, April and the paramedic grew close again. Bonded through their grief and pain, April and Matthew eventually fell in love and got married. Now, they are happily married doing charity work, providing medical care for the homeless communities in Seattle. After everything they went through, they managed to overcome the odds and get their happy ending.

4 Derek And Meredith

While Derek and Meredith are deemed the top OTP of Grey’s Anatomy, they wouldn’t be considered the strongest relationship – especially in Derek’s last few years. The issue with Meredith and Derek’s relationship was the lack of communication between them. Whenever one person had a problem, they would push the other person away – putting a strain on the relationship.

There was also inequality between them as Derek and Meredith would fight over his belief that his career was more important than hers. While Derek and Meredith did reconcile before his death, one has to wonder if they would have stayed together in the long run. Fans would hope so.

3 Link And Amelia

Even though they just started in season 15, Amelia and Link have quickly become one of the fans’ favorite couples. After all the tragedies and trauma Amelia had been involved in, fans were delighted that the neurosurgeon had found happiness with Link. They perfectly balance one another out.

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Where Amelia is loud, Link is quiet. Where Amelia is impulsive, Link is rational. Place them together and one has the perfect dream team. It’s not like they haven’t had their issues either, there was a moment that it did look like they would break up. However, they managed to work through their issues in the end and are happy parents to a newborn baby. They are one of the few remaining couples that seem to have an unbreakable bond.

2 Alex And Izzie

Although the couple is a controversial one among the Grey’s fans, Alex and Izzie can be considered one of the strongest and most successful couples. They have been through a break-up, a marriage, a cancer diagnosis, and a divorce. However, even time couldn’t separate them as the pair ended up reuniting in season 16.

In light of Justin Chambers’ exit, the writers worked fast to give Alex a happy ending. While fans weren’t happy at the way Jo and Alex’s marriage ended, they have to admit that the love Izzie and Alex had was deep and transcendental. They were separated for ten years and even then they fell back in love.

1 Ben And Bailey

Miranda Bailey and Ben Warren in Grey's Anatomy

If there was one relationship that has withstood the testament of time, it’s Ben and Bailey’s. Already together for more than 10 years, Ben and Bailey have shown what it takes to make a marriage work. There is a strong bout of love, a strong sense of support, great teamwork, and great chemistry.

More importantly, Ben and Bailey have proven to be the strongest and most successful relationship because of their communication skills. They may fight and argue, but, at the end of the day, they would always confide in one another if a problem becomes too much. It’s a partnership of equals.

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