Who Godzilla’s Most Powerful Villain Is (Not Ghidorah)

Godzilla has faced off against several powerful foes, but which one is the strongest? His toughest opponent is actually SpaceGodzilla, not Ghidorah.

While some may assume Godzilla’s most powerful villain is King Ghidorah, this title actually belongs to SpaceGodzilla. The evil creature served as the main antagonist of the penultimate Heisei series film from 1994, Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla. Thus far, this is the monster’s only role in a movie.

Godzilla’s greatest enemies are King Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re his most challenging foes. Over the years, the King of the Monsters has accumulated an impressive rogues’ gallery full of powerful villains. In the three movies, Godzilla has tussled with alien cyborg Gigan, who became the first monster ever to make Godzilla bleed in 1972. There’s also Destoroyah, the kaiju who drove Godzilla to his death in 1995, and of course the nearly indestructible smog monster, Hedorah. Other dangerous opponents that Godzilla and his allies have faced off against include Biollante, Megaguirus, Megalon, and Orga.

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The villain that stands above them all is the titular antagonist of Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, a kaiju created from the mutated cells of Godzilla. After being infected by the energy from a black hole, the evil SpaceGodzilla was born.  Possessing of colossal strength that rivals Godzilla’s, the villain is supported by large crystals on his shoulders that serve as energy sources for him. He can channel the power in these crystals to hit his enemies with a corona beam, which is so strong that it can severely injure even Godzilla himself. Plus, he’s also capable of telekinesis, an ability that makes him unique to other Toho kaiju.

After coming to Earth, this creature gave Godzilla one of his toughest fights ever to occur on the big screen. In a true testament of his power, SpaceGodzilla overpowered his namesake with relative ease in their first fight. This of course wasn’t the first time that Godzilla has struggled with an opponent early on, as he had difficulties in his early battles with Destoroyah, Hedorah, and Biollante as well. But Godzilla typically adjusts after fighting with an enemy and begins to develop a better understanding of how to approach the fight.

However, Godzilla continued to struggle in his rematch with the villain. Surprisingly, Godzilla wasn’t able to win. It wasn’t until Moguera got involved that they were able to overcome him. After his shoulder crystals were obliterated, he became vulnerable to a lethal blast of Godzilla’s spiral heat ray. SpaceGodzilla is to this day the only monster that Godzilla has never been able to beat on his own. Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla have both challenged Godzilla considerably, but in most cases, he can defeat both of them. As for Destoroyah, he’s the monster closest to SpaceGodzilla in terms of power. While experiencing a nuclear meltdown, Godzilla was pushed to his limit when facing Destoroyah but was eventually able to force him into a retreat. SpaceGodzilla, on the other hand, took a lot more effort to bring down because of all the power he was able to draw from his crystals.

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