The Mandalorian: Questions We Have for Episode 14

Disney+’s The Mandalorian had a bombshell episode 13, leaving fans asking many questions about the future of the show. Here are some of them.

The Mandalorian continues the proud Star Wars tradition in Chapter 13, “The Jedi,” by answering questions with even more questions. Fans learned a lot of information they didn’t expect to in the last episode, including The Child’s true name and origin. That generated even more questions, with Grogu’s fate now hinging on the planet Tython.

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With The Mandalorian and Grogu in search of Tython and perhaps more Jedi, and Moff Gideon in hot pursuit of them, all paths are close to converging in what is sure to be an epic confrontation.

10 Will The Mandalorian And Grogu Find Tython?

So far, The Mandalorian has been keeping to a familiar pattern. Din Djarin will seek out a goal but be sidetracked. This happened in Chapter 12 when he went back to Nevarro for repairs (and a huge battle with the Imperial Remnant) before heading to Corvus and his eventual meeting with Ahsoka Tano. Could the same happen again in Chapter 14?

Will The Mandalorian find Tython in the next episode, or find himself in another unrelated adventure that maybe leads him down a different road?

9 Will Tython Be Like In Legends?

Star Wars Tython Legends

Some long time Star Wars fans greeted the mention of the planet Tython with great anticipation. They’ll likely have some expectations about what the planet should look like. Tython is a deep-cut Easter egg from Legends continuity, which arguably did some things better than canon.

Tython was first mentioned in the 2007 novel Darth Bane: Rule of Two, as the home of the Je’daii Order, which would become the Jedi. That has since been retconned to be Ach-To, but the planet was also referenced in the Doctor Aphra comic book series and in The Force Awakens Beginner roleplaying game.

8 What Path Will Grogu Choose?

Baby Yoda Grogu in The Mandalorian Season 2

If Grogu does reach Tython and he does go to the Jedi Temple, he faces a significant choice. Ahsoka instructed Din Djarin to place Grogu on the seeing stone, which would allow other Jedi to perceive him through the Force. Instead of reinitiating him into the ranks of the Jedi, Grogu will have a chance to determine his own fate.

He clearly wants to stay with The Mandalorian, but will his experience on Tython change his mind? Does he want to be a Jedi at all?

7 Will Jedi Come To Find Him?

Jedi Council in Star Wars Phantom Menace

Ahsoka Tano says other Jedi could hear Grogu’s call from Tython, but it’s not certain, because they are so few. Will they answer his call? Little is known about this period of Star Wars history. The Mandalorian takes place roughly 9 years after the Battle of Yavin or five years after Return of the Jedi. It’s unclear who counts among the Jedi.

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There are pros and cons to featuring Jedi in The Mandalorian, but with the arrival of Ahsoka Tano, it seems inevitable there will be more.

6 Will Luke Skywalker Be One Of Them?

Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker Mandalorian fan poster

One Jedi fans do know exists at this point is Luke Skywalker. Luke is only five years on from his epic battle with Darth Vader at the Battle of Endor. He is perhaps the only Jedi of his eventual order, as his sister Leia ended her training. Could Luke show up in The Mandalorian? It would require a recast, but fans have already imagined someone for the role.

Fans have long imagined Sebastian Stan, who plays The Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as a young Luke. Artist Ryan Smallman went a step farther by designing a Mandalorian character poster with Stan as Luke.

5 What Other Jedi Could Be Out There?

If Luke Skywalker doesn’t answer the call, then it leaves open the question of who might. Ahsoka proves that Luke is not the only active Force user at this point in time.

Who else might be out there? It’s hard to say without knowing more about the time period. One possibility is Cal Kestis, the Jedi survivor from the Jedi: Fallen Order video game. So far as fans know, he is one of the few Jedi possibly alive during the timeframe of the series.

4 Will Moff Gideon Find Them?

Moff Gideon Ship Light Cruiser

Fans have a lot of questions about the Imperial Remnant. Perhaps the biggest is when Moff Gideon will appear again. It’s likely very soon. A spy placed a tracking device on the Razor Crest in Chapter 12, allowing Gideon to track the ship and The Mandalorian. Will Gideon track Din Djarin and Grogu to Tython?

Will he allow Grogu to even reach the seeing stone, and call for other Jedi, or will he attempt to kidnap the child before?

3 Will The Dark Troopers See Action?

Dark Troopers in The Mandalorian

If and when Moff Gideon intercepts The Mandalorian, it seems likely he will deploy his secret weapon. At the end of Chapter 12, fans saw a tantalizing glimpse of a new kind of Imperial. Many speculate these are Dark Troopers from Legends. Will they show up again in Chapter 14?

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Dark Troopers clearly have some connection to Grogu, based on what little information fans have learned. Moff Gideon needs Grogu and his blood it seems to make more.

2 Could Ahsoka Tano Return?

Ahsoka Tano Feature

Fans are already speculating about an eventual Ahsoka Tano streaming series, but the question remains if she will show up again in The Mandalorian. Despite her popularity, Ahsoka is still a criminally underrated Jedi and her skills would be much appreciated if The Mandalorian does run into trouble against the Dark Troopers.

It’s unlikely she would follow Grogu to Tython, but it’s possible she could show up again before the season ends.

1 Will Cara Dune And Greef Karga Lend A Hand?

Many questions remain about Cara Dune, a former Rebel Shock Trooper. One of the most pressing is whether or not she will show up again this season. That seems likely

. Will she show up in Chapter 14? Could she discover the spy on Nevarro who planted the tracking device on the Razor Crest? Will she and Greef Karga leave the planet to warn The Mandalorian? He will definitely need their help if he gets into a firefight with the Dark Troopers.

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