Hawkeye Set Videos Reveal First Look At Daredevil Character Echo

New set videos from Marvel’s Hawkeye show reveal the first look at Maya Lopez aka Echo (Alaqua Cox), a deaf Native American assassin/hero.

New set videos from Hawkeye provide the first look at Alaqua Cox as Echo in the Disney+ show. Marvel Studios has officially started production on the latest Phase 4 series in the works for Disney’s streaming service. Hawkeye brings back Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton but in a starring role this time around. His return will come alongside the introduction of Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld, who will take on the mantle in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future.

The start of filming for Hawkeye has brought a wave of updates on the show. It was set photos that first confirmed Steinfeld’s addition as Kate Bishop, following months of rumors, and showed her and Clint together with Lucky the Pizza Dog. But this also led to the main cast of Hawkeye being announced. The supporting cast was led by Florence Pugh’s return as Yelena Belova. It also includes several characters from the comics, such as Swordsman and Clown, as well as the reveal that newcomer Alaqua Cox will play Maya Lopez aka Echo.

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Just a few hours after her casting was announced, the first look at Cox filming Hawkeye has surfaced. Murphy’s Multiverse managed to share a photo and videos of Cox rehearsing scenes as Echo. Although the quality might not be as crystal clear as many would like, Maya is seen exiting a cab in New York and approaching an apartment. The site reports that this appears to be Maya coming to her father’s home, as Zahn McClarnon was reportedly on set after being announced as playing William Lopez.

Maya Lopez is not only a great character with expert fighting abilities and ties to Daredevil, she’s also an important character to many. As a Native American, Maya helps represent a culture that only has a few notable characters in Marvel Comics. She is also deaf and connects strongly with those with disabilities for that reason. Cox can be seen using sign language to communicate with people on set during the rehearsal.

Even though part of Cox’s face is covered by a mask for rehearsals, it does not appear that Echo has her signature white handprint painted on her face at this time. In the comics, the handprint becomes a symbol for her after Wilson Fisk orders for the death of her father, who leaves a bloody handprint on her face as he dies. Since McClarnon was reportedly seen on set, such an event doesn’t appear to have happened at this stage in Echo’s MCU story. As production on Hawkeye continues, though, future behind-the-scenes photos and videos of the Disney+ series could provide better looks at Echo’s MCU look.

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Source: Murphy’s Multiverse

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