Former Riot And EA Devs Open Alpha Registrations For New MMO Project-V

Former Devs from Riot and EA join Vela Games in developing Project-V, a MOCO. Alpha registrations are now open on their official website.

Fans of MMOs may want to check out the latest game referred to as Project-V, which has recently made some openings for the community to test it out. The game is said to be focused around a genre called MOCO, Multiplayer Online Co-op, teaming players together to raid dungeons and gather loot.

The developers of the game formally come from Riot Games and EA. Riot Games is known for one of the biggest games of internet history, League of Legends, and has been pushing out different games as well like Legends of Runeterra and Valorant. Riot has also announced news for an upcoming turn-based RPG known as the Ruined King, which excites many fans of the RPG genre. EA is mostly known for one of its most popular shooters, Apex Legends. Though, it has also released other titles like The Sims and FIFA 21. With developers coming from such big companies, there are high expectations for this project and its success.

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Vela Games announced that registrations are available for people to test Project-V. It is open to anyone as long as they have an email and can verify that it is theirs through a confirmation message that they will receive in their inbox. Once that is done, the person will be informed of any news regarding Project-V, as well as getting a chance in partaking in future playtests. These playtests are available to everyone, but a date is not yet set for when the game’s Alpha will actually be released. For anyone who is a fan of MMOs, this may be the next big thing to try out.

One of the biggest concerns with MMOs or MOOCs is they require a lot of investment and can be extremely expensive. In return, these games might not be profitable which leads to many developing MMOs getting cancelled. Not only is developing an MMO expensive but maintaining the servers and updates is just as costly. Developers have to keep a strong connection with their audience and keep them around in order to maintain the game’s chance of surviving. It is called a MOCO, multiplayer online co-op, if there is no player base to play with, then getting new players to join will be extremely difficult.

It can become a challenge to compete against other MMOs as well, like the planned Ni No Kuni MMO RPG. With the very high risk for a potentially very low reward, this is why many companies stray from making MMOs in the first place. However, Project-V, a placeholder name that will be changed in the future, seems to be created by a passionate team of developers who are confident in what they do, which is a great start for any ambitious project.

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Project-V is now open for Alpha registration.

Source: Vela Games

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