Everything To Know About Injured Pastry Chef Buddy Valastro

Buddy Valastro is a bakery icon on television. He is the host of the Cake Boss franchise including the reality show about Carlo’s Bakery.

Buddy Valastro is a bakery icon on television. He is the host of the Cake Boss franchise, including the reality show about Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken New Jersey, two competitions called Next Great Baker and Bake You Rich; and home cooking demonstrations with  Kitchen Boss and Bakery Boss. Yet he started by changing the ingredients at his father’s business to ensure better quality to go with nice designs. The right kind of butter can make all the difference in working with a cake.

Recently, Valastro was injured during an accident. Valastro’s hand was impaled courtesy of a malfunctioning bowling alley. He has required three surgeries and is recovering steadily. The pain was intense and gave him night terrors at the start of his recovery. Even so, Buddy’s persisting and planning to get his hands back in shape, even if he doesn’t return to baking. The lesson seems to be not to handle malfunctioning equipment in a home-sized bowling alley. Leave that to the experts after shutting off the machine.

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RealityTVWorld dives into the nitty-gritty details. Valastro started working in his father’s business, Carlo’s Bakery when he was eleven. In his memoirs, he admits that it was due to acting up and causing trouble in the neighborhood. Namely, he was setting fires because he and his friends were bored, and the police got involved. Buddy Sr., his father, wanted to impress a sense of responsibility on him. It worked; when Buddy Sr. died, his son, at the age of 17, decided to take over the bakery rather than go into college or trade school, so as to help the family. After appearing on Ace of Cakes to boost his business, Valastro got a deal to show the family bakery — and “Mia Famiglia” as he put it — on TLC. The show is currently on Discovery Channel, the sister to TLC, but is less available. Thanks to Ace of Cakes getting cancelled, Duff Goldman declared war on him. The two go head-to-head in the show Buddy Vs. Duff, with each man acknowledging that they don’t like each other. Not all bakers are as sweet to each other as they are to contestants.

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Valastro can be contentious. Sometimes that’s a good thing, such as when he had to fire his sister from Carlo’s Bakery due to her being excessively rude to customers and employees alike. Other times, that means he tries to hide his temper behind his Italian heritage, saying that’s how they talk. While his short temper and bravado make for good television, it can sometimes cause problems in real-life. Viewers have seen him misgender a trans woman as part of a joke against his cousin Anthony, something for which he apologized because violence against trans women is a real problem. He was arrested for a DUI and tried to use his fame to get out of the handcuffs, as well as the shame. Suffice to say, it didn’t work. Being unable to drive for three months was less of a concern for him than the fact that his fans would be disappointed. Speaking of which, Cousin Anthony eventually left the bakery after a few years of pranks and riffs.

He also wasn’t impervious to personal tragedies. Mary Valastro, Buddy’s mother, died of ALS in 2017 after living with the disease since a 2012 diagnosis. Valastro dedicated at least one episode of Cake Boss to her, knowing that she was an integral part of the family and a beloved cast member to the fans. Buddy at least let her know that they would never forget her.

The important thing to remember is that Buddy Valastro is an entertainer more than he’s a baker. He’s definitely not perfect but can lead with charisma. That, with some cake, can make for great television.

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Source: RealityTVWorld

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