All The Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Deavan Clegg Has Done

#NoFilter advocate Deavan Clegg is transforming herself after divorcing Jihoon Lee. Here are all of the plastic surgeries Topher’s GF has got so far!

It’s almost a feeling of déjà vu to see Deavan Clegg transforming herself by getting the same cosmetic procedures as 90 Day Fiancé cast-mate Larissa Lima. While Larissa began her plastic-fantastic transformation after separating Colt Johnson, Deavan too seems to be wasting no time after her rumored divorce from Jihoon Lee. But while Deavan, who just got herself a new set of lips, keeps maintaining that she’s all filler and no filter, here’s taking a look at the 90 Day Fiancé star’s list of cosmetic surgery procedures so far.

It’s not new for social media fans of 90 Day Fiancé stars to see them transform before their eyes. While Larissa may be the most talked-about right now for her never-ending list of surgeries, and the $72k she spent on her Kylie Jenner-like body, TLC icons like Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva too are known to brandish their Botox. In fact, with every passing spin-off that these 90 Day Fiancé celebs appear on, the nips and tucks keep getting more evident. The most recent name to have gone under the knife is Angela Deem who’s apparently also rumored to get her own show after getting a surgically enhanced body! And as TLC viewers keep playing guessing games to figure if it’s Facetune or facelift that’s making their favorite celeb suddenly look so different, it’s Deavan who end up puzzling them the most. The 90 Day Fiancé star Deavan celebrated the end of her season and relationship with Jihoon by getting lip fillers, but it’s not the first time that Topher Park’s girlfriend has chosen the plastic life.

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It was back in November 2019, when Deavan who was living a happy married life with Jihoon had first shocked her Instagram followers by posting scary pictures of her botched lips. The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star wrote about not doing enough “research” before going to a “professional” in South Korea who’d injected a product that “had not been tested” in her lips, as per Soap Dirt. Deavan had further educated her fans to “do research and find a doctor who specializes in it” and added that it’s “okay” to get lip fillers and “feel beautiful.” Following this apparent disaster, Deavan had reached out to the then in-house plastic surgery expert for TLC, Larissa, who’d referred Jihoon’s ex-wife to her own “master aesthetic injector” in Las Vegas. “I want to thank @larissalimareal for recommending Heather. Heather saved my lip from dying and I am so happy thank you so much,” Deavan had posted on her IG.

Deavan Clegg Botched Lip Fillers In 90 Day Fiance

Within days, Deavan, who was in America last year with Jihoon and the kids to celebrate Christmas had also shared that he’d gotten her teeth fixed and wrote about being “absolutely in love” with her new smile. In this post shared by the dental clinic which gave Deavan her shiny new veneers, she can be seen with the cosmetic dentist and a rare, smiling, Jihoon. “My teeth feel and look amazing I’m no longer in pain and will forever be grateful I feel beautiful and I am finally confident to smile again,” 90 Day Fiancé’s Deavan had gushed in her own, since-deleted post.

But back in June, after coming back to America for good and launching her OnlyFans, Deavan was seen asking her subscribers to send her money for a boob job. A Reddit post shows how the TLC star had mentioned how she was “insanely self-conscious” and wanted a lift and implants to “boost her confidence.” In a bid to raise $4000, Deavan was going to reward the donators with “free photos” and a “personal thank you.”

While it’s not known if the 90 Day Fiancé personality did get her breasts enhanced, she did get herself a “pick-me-up” lip filler procedure to cope with 2020 which has been “such a stressful year.” While the fillers may prompt Deavan to claim she’s “#nofilter” all the more, will it stop 90 Day Fiancé fans from commenting “who’s this?” on her Instagram posts?

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