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The Mandalorian’s chapter 14 shows Dark Troopers, brings back Boba Fett, and ends on a typical Star Wars down note. Here’s all the concept art.

Warning: This post includes spoilers for The Mandalorian season 2 episode 6.

The Mandalorian‘s sixth episode of season 2, “The Tragedy” once more includes some stunning artwork to accompany the credits with an alternative look at the episode’s key moments. The episode dialed up the action once more, moving the chess pieces necessary for an increasingly likely explosive ending to the second season and doing what Star Wars always does with its second chapters: going dark.

On the back of Ahsoka Tano’s debut in live-action Star Wars, chapter 14 saw Din Djarin and the Child following her instruction to head to Tython and seek commune with the Jedi through the seeing stone there. Despite how set up that was by ‘The Jedi”, fans could have been forgiven for thinking The Mandalorian would once more step back for a divergent monster/mission of the week episode, but “The Tragedy” was anything but, to its huge credit. And the ending has set up a potentially brilliant finale to the season as Mando seeks to bring together a team of bounty hunters and allies to rescue Grogu from Moff Gideon.

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While there weren’t a lot of new reveals, thanks to the return of Boba Fett, the story was king here and the episode was a real collection of great moments. As with every episode, several pieces of concept art played over the credits offering a different look at some of the episode’s best moments. Here’s all 11 concept art pieces featured at the end of The Mandalorian season 2, episode 6, “The Tragedy.”

Slave 1 Arrives On Tython

Considering the episode’s placement after the debut of Ahsoka Tano, this could easily have been a filler episode, but the arrival of Slave 1 and the reveal of the title confirmed very quickly that this was a different prospect entirely. As evocative imagery goes, Boba Fett’s shop takes some beating.

The Dark Troopers Descend

The Mandalorian Concept Art Dark Troopers

In the final episode, the Dark Troopers dropped to Tython without their weapons, which makes this concept art a little more menacing. In contrast, it was clear in the episode that the stormtroopers were designed to be a distraction, hence them being heavily armed and the Dark Troopers were an extraction force.

Baby Yoda Tries Out The Seeing Stone

Given his stubbornness at times (which is entirely forgivable given what he’s been through, of course), this shot of Baby Yoda definitely feels like he’s in a huff with Din Djarin.

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Inside Slave 1

The Mandalorian Concept Art 5 Boba Fett Ship

A rare look inside Slave 1 here with Boba Fett back in is iconic armor.

Moff Gideon’s Stormtroopers

The Mandalorian Concept Art 6 First Order Lander

Very much the comic relief of the episode, the hapless stormtroopers were sent in as actual cannon fodder (the illusion that they’re in any way really useful has dropped entirely), but the lander they were sent down to Tython’s surface in has a more distinct First Order vibe.

The Seeing Stone On Tython

After Ahsoka’s advice, Mando and the Child made it to Tython to visit the seeing stone. Here, the design looks busier than the final one used in the episode, which was laid out slightly more sparsely.

The Dark Troopers Attack The Seeing Stone

It may not have been intended in the episode, but the concept art of this key moment definitely has strong Lord Of The Rings vibes. The henge set up was definitely reminiscent of Weathertop at the very least and the Dark Troopers here feel like the Nazgul. Interestingly, the episode also dropped their heavy miniguns.

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Goodbye To The Razor Crest

The Mandalorian Concept Art 8 Razor Crest Destroyed

At this stage, it’s probably unlikely that Din Djarin can find someone capable of patching the old ship up. The tragedy of the title was clearly about more than just the loss of Grogu.

The Dark Troopers Steal Baby Yoda

Grogu’s story was always going to have a sad twist in it before the end – this is Star Wars after all – but the sight of him being dragged up to Gideon’s ship by the new Dark Troopers was still a shock. Somehow, the concept art makes the moment all the more traumatic.

Baby Yoda’s Stormtrooper Revenge

The set up for Baby Yoda to potentially be led to the dark side was plotted out pretty clearly in the episode, with Moff Gideon taking perverse pleasure in watching the Child taking out his frustrations at his capture on the feckless stormtrooper guards.

Slave 1 Returns

Boba Fett’s iconic ship is as immediately recognizable as his armor in Star Wars lore and now that the Razor Crest is gone, the vessel suddenly has a key role in the rest of season 2.

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