10 New Movies Coming Out in December 2020 (& Where To Watch Them)

As the 2020 movie schedule comes to a close, people across the world will remember the impact of COVID-19 on the movie industry. Since March 2020, several movie releases were either pushed to later in the year, rescheduled to 2021, or released on streaming platforms.

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Despite the impacts of COVID-19, audiences were still able to watch the newest movies that were released in 2020, whether it be at a movie theater during its reopening or at home with streaming platforms. Luckily, several movies are being released in the final month of 2020 to allow movie watchers to catch up on the latest entertainment.

10 Mank (Netflix)

Gary Oldman in Mank

Many movie watchers know the classic movie Citizen Kane, but what happened behind the scenes is the big question. In this biographical movie by David Fincher, viewers can take a look at the life of Herman J. Mankiewicz, played by Gary Oldman, and his journey to writing the screenplay for one of Hollywood’s best movies of all time.

After a limited release in theaters, Mank will release on Netflix on December 4th. Although the movie has not been widely released, Mank is already considered a potential frontrunner for the 2021 Academy Awards. It was acclaimed for its brilliant direction by Fincher, performances by the cast, and black and white cinematography.

9 Sound Of Metal (Amazon Prime Video)

Riz Ahmed in Sound of Metal

A drummer is finding small success in his heavy-metal band with his girlfriend, only for his world to tear apart. As he slowly loses his hearing, this drummer has to figure out how to move on with his life to pursue his passion and reunite with his girlfriend.

Starring Riz Ahmed and Olivia Cooke, Sound of Metal is the latest drama movie that releases on Amazon Prime Video on December 4th. Some of the early reviews have already praised Ahmed for his performance as the drummer.

8 The Prom (Netflix)

The Prom Netflix

To end 2020 in a light mood, Ryan Murphy brings to the big screen the musical adaptation of The Prom by Matthew Sklar. In this musical-comedy, a high school girl will do what she can to get her girlfriend to attend her high school prom with the help of theater stars.

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The Prom is filled with jam-packed talented actors, including Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, James Corden, Keegan-Michael Key, and Kerry Washington. With a limited theatrical release on December 4th, the movie will be widely available on Netflix by December 11th.

7 I’m Your Woman (Amazon Prime Video)

Rachel Brosnahan in I'm Your Woman

This crime drama has a mother and her child go into hiding after her thief husband double-crosses his business partner. However, she has to do more to protect her child in this dangerous world, which means taking extreme measures.

I’m Your Woman features a cast, including Rachel Brosnahan, Arinzé Kene, and Marsha Stephanie Blake. It will release on Amazon Prime Video, streaming on December 11th.

6 Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (Netflix)

Featured Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom Trailer

Based on the 1982 play by August Wilson, this drama movie will focus on the life of “Mother of the Blues” Ma Rainey while in the middle of a recording session. However, tension rises between the musicians and a manager to gain control of the recording session and Ma Rainey.

Starring Viola Davis, Chadwick Boseman, and Colman Domingo, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom will release on December 18th. As viewers wait for the movie’s release on Netflix, early reviews of the movie have been outstanding, calling it one of the best movies of the year, especially for the performances by Davis and Boseman. The movie will also mark Boseman’s final feature movie, who tragically passed away from colon cancer in August.

5 The Midnight Sky (Netflix)

Caoilinn Springall and George Clooney in The Midnight Sky

As a group of astronauts tries to contact people on base, a scientist attempts to warn these astronauts about the catastrophic conditions on Earth. In this mashup of space and post-apocalyptical movie, time is at the essence to stop the astronaut’s return as they are the last hopes of keeping humanity alive.

Starring George Clooney and Felicity Jones, The Midnight Sky will be one of the final 2020 movies to release on Netflix. The movie will release on December 23rd.

4 Wonder Woman 1984 (In Theaters & HBO Max)

Wonder Woman 1984 Diana lasso

As the sequel to the first Wonder Woman movie, the Amazonian princess will once again return to the big screen with Wonder Woman 1984. Taking place during the Cold War, Diana comes across knew villains Cheetah and Maxwell Lord. As she tries to stop them, she also comes across her long-lost love interest, Steve Trevor.

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In the DCEU’s newest movie, Gal Gadot and Chris Pine reprise their roles as Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, respectively. Joining the cast are Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal. Though the movie was initially supposed to be released in June 2020, the movie’s release date was pushed three times before finally settling for a Christmas release date. Along with a theatrical release where theaters are opened, Wonder Woman 1984 will also release on December 25th on HBO Max.

3 Soul (Disney+)

Tina Fey Voices 22 and Jamie Foxx Voices Joe Gardner In Soul

Tina Fey voices 22 and Jamie Foxx voices Joe Gardner in Soul

A high school band teacher wants to explore his career, particularly in jazz. However, a literal misstep has him go into a different dimension. As he tries to return to his old life, he also reevaluates his purpose as a soul.

Soul is another movie featured on this list that pushed its release date to later in the year. Luckily, Disney decided for a streaming release of this Pixar movie on Disney+ on December 25th. As movie lovers wait for the movie’s release, early reviews are critically acclaimed, currently holding a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

2 News Of The World (In Theaters)

When a Civil War captain comes across a lost young girl, he embarks on a mission to help her travel across Texas. However, the journey will not be easy as they come across obstacles along the way, whether it be mother nature or a fight against other humans.

Directed by Paul Greengrass, News of the World is expected to release on December 25th in theaters. The movie will mark a reunion between Greengrass and Tom Hanks after previously working together in 2013’s Captain Phillips.

1 Promising Young Woman (In Theaters)

Promising Young Woman trailer

Following a traumatic incident from her past, a young woman named Cassie lives a double life while also giving retribution to those committing heinous crimes. Eventually, Cassie comes across a chance to fix her mistakes.

Promising Young Woman features Carey Mulligan in the lead role along with Bo Burnham and Alison Brie. Mulligan has been critically noted for her performance as Cassie in this thriller, calling it one of the best performances in her career. After having to push the movie’s release date, it will finally hit theaters on December 25th.

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