The 5 Most Annoying Things Patrick Ever Did (& 5 Sweetest)

Patrick is one of the most wholesome characters on Schitt’s Creek – but among his sweetest moments are some that just got on fans’ nerves.

Given how important he later became to the success of the show Schitt’s Creek, it’s almost hard to remember that Patrick wasn’t there at the beginning. In fact, he only came around once David decided to turn the old general store into his own boutique shop, and it took a little longer yet for him and David to really click and become the show’s most successful couple.

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At this point, however, it’s impossible to deny that Patrick was an invaluable and very likable addition to the show, and from the time he appeared, he’s managed to do some of the sweetest (and some of the most annoying) things of any of the characters.

10 Annoying: Didn’t Tell David He’d Been Engaged To A Woman

david patrick schitts creek

In some ways, it’s easy to understand why Patrick wouldn’t tell David that he’d been engaged to a woman. After all, he’d only slowly come to realize that he was gay when he got with David. At the same time, it’s also hard not to be more than a little annoyed with him that he couldn’t be honest with David, particularly once it was clear that they were going to be something more than just friends.

9 Sweetest: Singing At Open Mic Night

Patrick Brewer Schitt's Creek

Whew. Has there ever been a moment as sweet, touching, and heartbreaking (in all the right ways) as that instant where Patrick serenaded David with “Simply the Best?” It’s one of those moments that is pure television gold, and it was an early indication that these two characters were in it for the long haul. The look on both of their faces as Patrick serenades his beloved is what love truly looks like, and it’s hard not to be swept up in the moment along with the characters. It’s particularly notable because it’s one of those moments where David, who’s been through so much, can just relax and let himself feel.

8 Annoying: Didn’t Come Out To His Parents (And Didn’t Tell David)

Given that Patrick had a bit of trouble coming to terms with who he was, it’s probably not a surprise that he didn’t end up telling his parents that he was gay. In fact, it was Johnny who accidentally spilled the beans. The issue here isn’t that he was concerned about coming out to his parents (something that many LGBTQ people struggle with), but that he didn’t tell David about it. Not only does this mean he was avoiding sharing something important with his partner, he left him to get into the awkward situation that he did.

7 Sweetest: Making Sure David Could Just Relax On Their Wedding Day

As annoying as Patrick can be sometimes, he deserves an award for being able to not only deal with David’s multiple neuroses but also wrangle him into some semblance of a functioning person. That extends to their wedding day (one of the show’s best moments), when he helps to corral David so that he can just relax and let Patrick and the rest of the town take care of everything.

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When the chips are down, David knows that he can always count on Patrick. They both get to have a fitting ending.

6 Annoying: Didn’t Make Sure David Knew Their First Date Was A Date

patrick david schitts creek

Patrick is many things, but he’s not always good at conveying his feelings in a transparent fashion. This becomes immediately obvious on his very first date with David, which he doesn’t really clarify is a date. In fact, it’s only because of Stevie that David even realizes it at all. This is a cute moment, but it’s also one of those instances where one can’t help but be a little annoyed with Patrick that he doesn’t just express his feelings.

5 Sweetest: The House

david patrick house schitts creek

While David believes that he and Patrick are going to end up building their lives in New York, Patrick harbors a secret desire that they’re going to stay local (after all, who wouldn’t want to live in Schitt’s Creek?), that they’ll buy this adorable house and build a life together. Ultimately, David comes around and ends up putting an offer in on it, and in one of their sweetest moments, Patrick promises him that he will do everything in his power to make sure that his beloved is happier in that little house than he would ever be in the big city.

4 Annoying: Being Condescending To David About Business Stuff

From the moment that David applies to get his business license, it’s clear that Patrick is going to be the one who has the head for business and money. David is an ideas person, not a details person (certainly when it comes to figures).

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That being said, Patrick could have probably done a better job of not being quite so condescending to David when it came to matters associated with the business side of things. After all, not everyone can be a math nerd.

3 Sweetest: When He Proposed To David

Schitts Creek The Hike S5E13

There are some moments in this show that are designed to leave the viewer overcome with emotion, and this is definitely one of them. Everyone remembers the touching scene in which Patrick, having been carried up a mountain by David after injuring his foot, proposes. It’s not just that it’s a beautiful scene; it’s that Patrick even bought a set of engagement rings to match the ones that David usually wears. He knows his man, and he’s not afraid to show it.

2 Annoying: His Silliness About The Massage

One of the funniest things to happen in the series finale is the “happy ending” massage that David gets on the day of the wedding. Of course, Patrick set the whole thing up, but that wasn’t quite what he intended, and so he freaks out a little. While one can’t really blame him, he really should have thought through how he was arranging the massage before he got upset with David about the whole thing.

1 Sweetest: When He Couldn’t Go Through With The Date David Set Him Up On

Sometimes, David can be a bit of an idiot, and that’s never more true than when he sets Patrick up with a cute guy who was hitting on him in the shop. Of course, Patrick doesn’t go through with anything, because he knows that he loves David and that he’s a one-man sort of guy. It’s really touching to see how nervous and shy he is, and it’s refreshing to see the way in which he’s so open about his feelings with David. He really is the show’s best character.

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