Logan Paul Trash Talks & Challenges Evander Kane To A Boxing Match, NHLer Laughs

YouTuber and social media influencer Logan Paul challenged NHL star Evander Kane to a boxing match, but the hockey player laughed it off.

YouTuber and social media influencer Logan Paul challenged NHL star Evander Kane to a boxing match, but the hockey player laughed it off. The Paul brothers have been big YouTube personalities for some time now. They are best known for their controversial behaviors and statements, and for always entering a new career prospect with a lot of unwarranted confidence. They have done music, they have done acting, and they are now aspiring boxers. Logan Paul’s current boxing track record is one loss, zero wins. In turn, Jake Paul’s boxing track record is two wins, one loss.

Jake Paul made the headlines in 2020 for challenging professional basketball player Nate Robinson to a boxing match. Some sports enthusiasts were questioning if Jake would actually be able to beat Nate in the fight. But it should be said that Nate didn’t seem to properly train for boxing, which Jake has been doing for some time now. And it should also be noted that Nate Robinson is 36 years old – a pretty high age for an athlete. On the other hand, Jake is only 23 years old and finds himself at the height of his physical fitness.

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Now, Logan Paul is looking forward to redeeming his boxing track record by challenging an athlete to a boxing match. It all started when Logan Paul went off on hockey player Evander Kane during an episode of Impaulsive. The clip, which can be seen below, shows Logan trash-talking Evander and challenging him to a fight. The interaction was then taken to Twitter, and all of the relevant tweets can be seen below. In the first tweet of the feud, Evander was seen responding to Logan by saying the following: “I’ll take the mop off your hair and wipe the floor with ya.” Logan replied with a “this you?” sarcastic tweet and attached a video of Evander playing in the NHL. So Evander responded with the picture of Logan Paul’s only boxing fight, which he lost.

Combined, those tweets between Logan Paul and Evander Kane have thousands of Twitter likes. If the public has its way, this boxing match will absolutely be happening. For Logan Paul, it could be his opportunity to win against a reputable athlete. After all, his brother Jake Paul won some street cred for taking down Nate Robinson in the ring. With that said, it’s unclear if Evander Kane would actually take this seriously and go through with it. He seemed to be mostly just laughing it all off in his spare time.

The fans will have to wait and see if this boxing match will actually happen. For now, one can safely say that it’s all just talk from Logan Paul and Evander Kane.

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Sources: Logan Paul’s Twitter, Evander Kane’s Twitter

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