How Could Spotify Reimagine The Stories Feature?

Spotify is currently testing a Stories feature, similar to those rolled out by many other platforms, but it should put its own spin on the idea.

Spotify is currently testing its own Stories-like feature and trying to gauge its potential. The music streaming giant is the latest tech company to look at a feature like this, but the move has garnered a less than stellar response. Spotify’s goal would likely be to try and social media-ify its platform, with the feature potentially helping to drive additional usage and maybe even to provide a new way to serve ads.

For the past four years, social media companies have been implementing their own version of Snapchat Stories. Snapchat implemented Stories back in 2013 allowing users to post photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. The app became a big hit as a result and Snapchat later expanded its feature to include Public Stories, which are Stories made by celebrities, online influencers, and advertisers. Other social media companies hopped on the bandwagon and rolled out their own versions of Stories. The most recent is Twitter with its new Fleets feature. Now Spotify is thinking about throwing its hat in the ring, but not all users are keen on the idea.

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Even though the feature is currently only being tested and not fully implemented, Spotify users have already voiced their criticisms. Users are confused about why a music streaming service would implement Stories. Spotify users are typically passive consumers with the app running in the background. A Stories feature requires interaction and for people to see the video. It’s easy to do that on an app like Instagram where video or photographs are a major aspect and active engagement is fostered. That high level of engagement is very minimal on Spotify, though.

Spotify Stories: What Could It Be?

But perhaps Spotify can do something different that can appease critics. Most of the social media sites with a Stories feature have put their own spin on it. Take Instagram for example. It was the first to implement its own successful version of a Stories feature, the reason being that it expanded the feature with extras like photo filters, Boomerangs, and a Livestreaming element unique to the app. Similarly, maybe Spotify could provide previews of upcoming album releases, interviews with artists, or behind-the-scenes footage of studio sessions.

Indeed, it does appear as though Spotify is expanding into having video on its platform and Stories could be a part of that. Earlier this year, it signed a deal with Joe Rogan for the exclusive hosting of his show, with video episodes being shown on the platform for the first time. Applying video to Spotify’s podcast library would add another string to its bow and using a Stories feature to show clips or trailers of video podcasts could be a clever way to both reimagine the feature and drive podcast views.

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