Hawkeye Set Photos Reveal Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton With A Hearing Aid

New set photos from Marvel’s Hawkeye series reveal Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton wearing a hearing aid, teasing the character’s deaf storyline.

New set photos from Hawkeye reveal Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton with a hearing aid. Hawkeye has spent the last decade in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a secondary starring character. That will change with Phase 4 as Renner is set to lead a Disney+ Hawkeye series, which will also introduce Kate Bishop. After months of uncertainty, the show finally began production recently and brought with it the confirmation that Hailee Steinfeld will play the MCU’s next Hawkeye.

Throughout Hawkeye’s development, it has been clear that Marvel Studios is borrowing heavily from the Matt Fraction comic run that started in 2012. The 22 issue series is widely praised as one of the best Hawkeye stories in Marvel history, and it did a lot of work to update the character. In addition to teaming up with Kate Bishop, Fraction brought the fan-favorite Pizza Dog to Barton’s life and prominently featured the return of Barton’s hearing loss. Hawkeye already was confirmed to include Kate Bishop and Pizza Dog, and now set photos seem to reveal the show is using the hearing loss story.

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As Hawkeye’s first day of production continues in Brooklyn, New York, the internet has brought many updates with new set photos and videos. After beginning with a blurry look at Steinfeld on the set, a batch of HD set photos has surfaced online. Not only do they provide a great look at Steinfeld, but they offered a detailed look at Clint Barton’s next MCU appearance. Thanks to the images’ quality, an enlarged view of them reveals Renner is wearing a hearing aid.

Clint Barton’s loss of hearing is something Marvel Comics introduced before Fraction’s run, but the stories didn’t do much with that aspect of the character. He initially lost his hearing during a fight with Crossfire and regained it several years later when he was brought back to life. Fraction then took away Hawkeye’s hearing during a battle between Barton and the Clown, where the villain stabbed Hawkeye in both ears using his own arrows. Hawkeye was almost entirely deaf following this moment until Tony Stark created hearing aids for him. Fraction also revealed that abuse from Clint’s father as a child led to him being partially deaf.

With Hawkeye leaning so heavily on Fraction’s run, it isn’t too surprising to see this development for Barton. Marvel Studios could keep a similar explanation for his use of a hearing aid, but it’s also possible the story will be updated to fit the MCU. In any case, the addition of this part of Barton’s character will please many. His hearing loss has become a big part of Hawkeye’s story in the comics thanks to Fraction, and many have called for the MCU to make Hawkeye deaf. It will also be another example of Marvel adding more representation to the universe. Lauren Ridloff will play the first deaf superhero as Makkari in Eternals, and now Hawkeye will help bring heroes with disabilities further into the spotlight. Plus, if Hawkeye introduces Maya Lopez, aka Echo, to the MCU, the series could include multiple heroes with disabilities.

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