Captain America & Venom Created The Avengers’ Greatest Battle Plan

Despite Venom and Captain America working with the Avengers for months to prepare for Knull’s arrival…they still weren’t ready for his invasion

Warning! Spoilers ahead for King in Black #1 from Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman

Knull the Symbiote God’s invasion has finally come to Earth, and his imminent attack had been known about by Venom and Earth’s heroes for quite some time. As such, the Lethal Protector and Captain America came up with the best battle plan possible for the invasion, rallying the Avengers and more heroes to come together as one to face the oncoming symbiote horde. However, despite being as prepared as they possibly could have been, Knull’s legions were just too strong, and the beginning of Marvel’s King in Black event is off to a dark start.

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At the beginning of King in Black #1, Knull’s forces were reported to have entered Earth’s orbit, prompting Venom and Cap to set their plan into motion. The first phase saw Iron Man setting off all of the derelict Kree and Skrull ships left in Earth’s orbit from Empyre, Marvel’s most recent event, which he had rigged to blow as an improvised minefield. However, this barely slowed the incoming assault of symbiote dragons at Knull’s command, providing very little time for Earth’s ground heroes to evacuate the major population centers. For these evac teams, Cap chose heroes with strengths and powers based on electricity, magic, and cosmic abilities, all traditional weaknesses for symbiotes (though Thor is nowhere to be found).

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The second wave saw air teams taking to the skies and the welcome arrival of the X-Men from Krakoa, while the third wave had Venom himself trying to use Carnage’s old spire from his recent attack on New York in the hopes of turning some of Knull’s symbiotes to their side. Last but certainly not least, Captain America had none other than the Sentry waiting in the wings to take down Knull. On the surface, the levels of preparation, coordination, and strategy seem like it would have lead to positive results and would have allowed the heroes to repel Knull’s forces. This is not the case. For all their efforts, Cap and Venom fall alongside several of their allies, helpless to stop Knull’s invasion.

It should be noted that this was due to no fault of their own. In any other circumstance, that strategy would have more than likely won the day for the heroes, displaying more preparation and planning than other attacks have had in the past. However, Knull is just too powerful for it to matter. Not only did he have countless legions of symbiote dragons dive-bombing the planet to cover the globe in a massive symbiote dome, but he also had symbiote Celestials at his command. He also horrifically tore the Sentry in two as if he were made of paper before drowning and supposedly assimilating several heroes into his armies (Cap included). Additionally, he subsequently ripped Eddie Brock’s Venom symbiote off of him before dropping Brock off the side of a skyscraper.

Remarkably, this was only the first issue of King in Blackand things couldn’t be looking more dark and hopeless for the heroes of the Marvel Universe. With several of their most powerful allies having been taking out of play extremely quickly with little effort on Knull’s part, it’s quickly become apparent that even the best-laid plans don’t mean much in the face of his power, even if Captain America and Venom did do their best to be prepared. Here’s hoping that some heroes are still left standing to rally together and come up with some sort of counter-offensive, whatever it could possibly be.

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