Best (& Scariest) Phasmophobia Memes

Phasmophobia has become an overwhelmingly popular game in a few short months, and fans have already created hundreds of fun and scary memes.

Even though Phasmophobia is still an early access game on Steam, fans of this psychological horror game have already created some clever and scary memes. The online co-op game Phasmophobia is not for the faint of heart, but it’s created quite a stir online. Like many popular games, it didn’t take long until a community formed, and the subreddit created shortly after the game’s early release is already composed of over 60,000 members.

The subreddit is a great way for new players to familiarize themselves with the game and also figure out how scary Phasmophobia’s gameplay actually is. It’s also a great source of entertainment for those who have posted photos or videos of their friends dying in-game. True friends make sure to share the best and worst moments of Phasmophobia.

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Fans can stay up to date on the latest developments in Phasmophobia in this Reddit community, as well as share their original artwork, tips and tricks, Twitch streams, and creative memes. Take a look at some of the best and scariest Phasmophobia memes players have created so far.

Best Phasmophobia Memes – Facing a Revenant

A bully faces a boy

Those who have played Phasmophobia know what it’s like to be targeted by a revenant. Not only does the revenant in Phasmophobia move quickly when on the hunt for a victim, but it will also become fixated on that player until close enough to attack. If there is another player in closer proximity, the revenant will suddenly switch targets, especially if the player is in plain view. Little Stephen has no chance against this ghost.

Best Phasmophobia Memes – Newbies vs. Experts

As with anything new and scary, players who have never played Phasmophobia are in for a terrifying treat. Thankfully, the game is designed to be played with multiple people at once, because there is usually at least one person who can’t handle the paranormal activity. Most players have been in this situation, but over time, they become experts and know how to handle even the most menacing ghosts Phasmophobia has to offer.

Best Phasmophobia Memes – Using the Photo Camera

Nothing is more frustrating for a player than trying to take a picture of a ghost in Phasmophobia. The camera is an item that players must use to reach certain objectives, plus it rewards money for each completed contract. Provoking a ghost is the best and quickest way to have it reveal itself, but it comes at a cost. Players will have their sanity drained and they might not even capture an image of the ghost at all, much like the Phasmophobia meme above.

Best Phasmophobia Memes – Ghost Noises

Tiger king is upset

The atmosphere of Phasmophobia is unnerving, with the dark rooms and inanimate objects such as faucets and televisions coming to life at random moments. What makes the game even scarier is when a player is alone and hears ghost noises. Some of the ghosts are less intrusive, simply hissing or breathing near a player’s ear. Others, however, will giggle or scream, which makes the tense situation even more nerve-wracking as players seek a hiding spot in Phasmophobia.

Best Phasmophobia Memes – VR Experience

VR Phasmophobia experience

One of the creepiest aspects of Phasmophobia is that players can experience the whole game in VR. Players who are seeking that extra thrill often opt for VR since it’s much more immersive than playing on a desktop. The spook factor is a lot more elevated in this mode, especially when playing with headphones, and adds an amount of realism that can’t be accessed without VR. Scaredy cats might want to take a pass.

With the creators of the game still working hard on the full release, current players and future players can expect a lot more developments, new Phasmophobia maps, and scares in the future. This is only the beginning of Phasmophobia, and there are sure to be a lot more memes on the way as well.

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