5 Times Sokka Was Inspiring (& 5 Times Fans Felt Sorry For Him)

Sokka is one of the best characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Sometimes, he is incredibly powerful, while other times, fans feel sad for him.

Sokka is one of the best characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender even though there are so many great characters that it’s hard to choose just one. He’s hilarious and sarcastic, but he’s much more than that. He’s also a very heroic character who is devoted to helping Aang take down the Firelord.

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Sokka also goes through many difficult things at a young age, so there were many instances when fans felt bad for him, but overall, he was an inspiring character that fans couldn’t get enough of.

10 Felt Sorry For: When he and Katara were left without parents

While the death of their mother was particularly difficult on Katara given that she saw her mother’s dead body, this death of course impacted Sokka, too.

Then, after she died, their father, Hakoda, left with the warriors of their tribe to fight the Fire Nation, leaving them behind to be raised by Gran-Gran. This was very difficult for Sokka, and he clearly struggled to find direction and purpose in life.

9 Inspiring: Admitted his weaknesses and prejudices to Suki

One of the most frustrating things about Sokka in the first season is that he’s pretty sexist. He thinks Katara should be the one to do all the household chores because she’s a girl, and he thinks that women can’t really be warriors.

Suki and the other Kyoshi Warriors really prove him wrong and put him in his place, however. But, Sokka is able to admit that he’s wrong and apologize, and he isn’t very sexist after this moment.

8 Felt Sorry For: Breaking his leg in the final episode

Avatar The Last Airbender Final Battle Sokka Toph

In the final episode of the series, Sokka has been on a long journey from where he started. He’s a little older and a lot wiser, and he is starting to grow into an amazing leader.

He really helps and looks out for Toph and Suki while they are taking down the airships, but fans also felt sorry for him when he broke his leg. Of course, he was okay, but it would have been really painful.

7 Inspiring: When he grew as a leader and strategist

Sokka starts out in the series wanting to be a great leader and warrior, but he has no real experience and is all bravado. Over the course of the series, he learns humility and that he’s going to make mistakes at times, and this just makes him better.

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While he’s still only a teenager, Sokka is really beginning to become a great strategist. He definitely has a mind for planning, and he learns to really hone those skills.

6 Felt Sorry For: When he lost boomerang

Sokka Avatar: The Last Airbender

Since Sokka isn’t a bender, he’s much more reliant on weapons than the rest of Team Avatar. While the others can use the elements around them when in a tight spot, he needs a weapon to be able to protect himself.

He really loves his trusted boomerang, so when he loses it after the Rough Rhinos attack, it was actually kind of sad. Luckily, he gets it back!

5 Inspiring: When he worked hard to become a sword master

During season three, Sokka is more determined than ever to hone his skills as a warrior and to learn discipline.

He is able to briefly train with Master Piandao, and while he doesn’t have time to master the sword in one day, it shows that he has a lot of commitment to the craft that he will apply later in life.

4 Felt Sorry For: The times he got frustrated with not being able to bend

Being the only non-bender in the group would have been really frustrating at times, so it’s easy to feel sorry for Sokka when he gets annoyed by this fact. While Sokka doesn’t feel as bad about his lack of bending ability later in the series, there were times it made things difficult for him.

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However, in true Sokka style, he mostly handles his lack of bending ability with a lot of humor and witty comments.

3 Inspiring: Breaking into the Boiling Rock prison to save his father

Hakoda Making Tangle Mines at a Water Tribe Base

Sokka is a very brave person, and he’s also very committed and loyal. He will do anything to take care of the people he loves, and one of his most inspiring moments is when he goes to the Boiling Rock prison to try and free his father and the other people captured after the failed attempt to find the Firelord during the Day of Black Sun.

While Zuko does end up helping him, Sokka planned on going alone.

2 Felt Sorry For: When Yue turned into the moon spirit

Avatar Sokka and Yue

Perhaps the most tragic moment in Sokka’s life is when he loses Yue. He really falls in love with her quite quickly, and the fact that she has to give her own life up to become the Moon Spirit is really sad.

Of course, it’s much worse for her, but given Sokka’s strong feelings for her, it’s rather upsetting. It would be extremely difficult to lose your first real love like that.

1 Inspiring: When he took down the airships

The final episode of The Last Airbender has all of the Gaang in top form. They all have some really inspiring and badass moments, and Sokka is no different.

While he doesn’t get a big one-on-one battle like some of the other characters, he, along with Suki and Toph, have the very important job of handling Ozai’s airships, and they make great work of it.

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