10 Questions Fans Still Have About The Characters

Gilmore Girls fans have mixed feelings about the revival from 2016. On the one hand, it stays true to the heart of the series by including a specific season in each episode. However, fans can’t help but notice that the reboot created a few unanswered questions about certain characters.

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Some think the revival is just as great as the original series, and others find it incomplete. After several years on Netflix and its resurgence as a cable event, A Year in the Life still finds viewers asking about their favorite residents of Stars Hollow. Perhaps these questions might lead the creators to reconsider and add another installment after all?

10 Is Jess Truly Over Rory?

Jess Mariano (Milo Ventimiglia) in "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life."

The fans are clearly split between Team Dean, Team Logan, and Team Jess. Those on the latter team have clung to Jess’s subtle body language and facial expressions in the revival. He assures Luke that he is over Rory, but fans don’t necessarily believe him.

Jess and Rory really bond when they are reunited, and Jess encourages Rory to write her book. Perhaps he pursues her a few years later, and maybe the former lovebirds will get another chance.

9 Why Did Sookie Really Leave The Dragonfly?

Melissa McCarthy’s presence in A Year in the Life is noticeably small. She has supposedly been away studying the evolution of fruits and vegetables since she departed The Dragonfly Inn. But, is that why she really left? Sookie and Lorelai may be the best of friends, but they certainly got on each other’s nerves from time to time on Gilmore Girls.

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With Sookie’s haphazard kitchen and Lorelai’s shattered personal life, the friends put up with a lot for one another. Maybe they needed to part professionally in order to remain friends. In any event, it’s nice to see Sookie back in her element, whipping up wedding cakes for Lorelai.

8 Does Rory Still Talk To Her Dad?

Gilmore Girls Revival Christopher

Rory and Christopher’s relationship was just as complicated, if not more complicated, than Christopher’s relationship with Lorelai. Lorelai always dealt with Christopher as a former lover and a current co-parent. Rory always dealt with him as the dad who wasn’t around. She and Christopher have had their share of arguments and periods of silence, but they are on good terms years later. Does that change? Fans want to know if Rory and her dad manage to stay connected in the long term, after the revival.

7 Will Luke And Lorelai Ever Adopt?

Luke and Lorelai spend a good chunk of the reboot talking about their possibilities for raising future children. They even pay Paris a visit at her fertility clinic. After all that talk and even a wedding, Lorelai and Luke don’t close out the revival with any new children.

Lorelai is pretty much past the point of safely bearing another child, but fans are so curious as to whether or not she and Luke will change their minds and adopt any kids. Scott Patterson, who played Luke, seems to think they have lots of kids (according to Entertainment Tonight).

6 Would Paris Ever Marry Tristan?

Gilmore Girls Paris

Speaking of Paris, she and Doyle are getting divorced after having two children together. Paris reveals that she is still in love with Tristan, who is seen briefly in the background, although he isn’t played by Chad Michael Murray this time. Tristan was such a troublemaker in the original series, but Paris could be mischievous, too. Viewers wonder whether the Chilton alums could ever be compatible as adults.

5 Do Lorelai And Luke Stay Together?

Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and Luke Danes (Scott Patterson) in "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life."

Aside from the adoption question, there’s an elephant in the room with Luke and Lorelai that no one wants to address. Are they still together? A viewer has every hope that they’re still a happy couple, but their track record begs to differ.

Both Lorelai and Luke have struggled with commitment issues, and both of them have entered marriages that ended in quick divorces. Given their shaky past, can these two survive the long haul?

4 Where Did Mr. Kim Come From?

Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life Mr Kim

In the revival, Lane and Rory are sitting outside in the Stars Hollow town square, and, lo and behold, it’s Mr. Kim! The best friends smile and wave at him. In all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, Lane’s dad is never, ever seen, not even on holidays. Fans were amused yet puzzled by the inclusion of Mr. Kim. Where on Earth did he come from, and where was he for all those years of Gilmore Girls?

3 Is Logan The Father Of Rory’s Baby?

Gilmore Girls - A Year in the Life - Logan

The last four lines of the 2016 revival are controversial for many reasons. Rory says, “Mom?” Lorelai responds, “Yeah?” Rory answers, “I’m pregnant.” After much speculation, no one really knows who the father of Rory’s baby is.

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There are a few possibilities, but some fans would like to think that Logan will be the dad. This would strongly mirror Lorelai and Christopher’s story, hence the added controversy.

2 Who Does Rory End Up With?

The father of Rory’s baby might be completely different from the guy that Rory ends up with romantically. Dean, Jess, and Logan all make appearances of different lengths in the reboot, but Rory has other suitors, too.

She gets rid of her boyfriend, Paul, and she can’t stand the Wookie, so neither of those would make sense. Rory could end up with anyone, and it would be nice to see who it is someday.

1 What Will Emily Gilmore Do Next?

Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life Emily Kelly Bishop

Emily Gilmore has one of the most interesting journeys of A Year in the Life. After losing Richard, she resolves to chart her own course, grieving and moving on in her own time. The regal grandmother tests out a pair of Keds, bids the D.A.R. farewell, and sets out for Nantucket to become a whaling museum’s docent. What will she think of next? Emily doesn’t seem ready for a new romance, but her life is full of possibilities.

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