10 Least Practical Disney Princess Outfits, Ranked

Disney is known for its multitude of princesses and fans know exactly which outfits each of them has worn. Some of the wardrobe choices are understandable, while others have fans of the films scratching their heads. It is not uncommon for Disney to put the princesses in something fashion-forward, rather than a style that would make sense for their current situation.

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This list seeks to identify the worst outfits that the creators of the films have put them in, as they are not suitable for the actions and locations in which these princesses venture. Keep reading to see some of the worst outfits that Disney has created as they are impractical for their lifestyle!

10 Jasmine’s Peasant Outfit

Princess Jasmine in Disney's Aladdin

Jasmine’s outfit when she dressed as a peasant to head into the market was completely impractical, as she was trying to blend in with the masses at the time. She wouldn’t be on this list at all had she made the decision to leave her fancy earrings and jeweled hairpiece at home where they belonged, even if her style does make her one of the best princesses.

Her goal was to be anonymous and not attract attention, but the moment the piece of fabric covering her head fell off her cover would be completely blown.

9 Elsa’s Ice Castle Dress

Elsa from Disney's Frozen

Elsa’s outfit in the first film was impractical, but it wasn’t ranked lower on this list due to the fact that she was raised to one day become queen. She made herself a castle of ice where she could be herself with her magical powers, and yet, she chose a dress with a cape, as well as a pair of heels. She did sing Let It Go in this outfit, making it iconic, but that doesn’t make it any more practical.

The fancy heels would have been enough to do her in as she would have been slipping and sliding all across her ice castle. Elsa does earn some points for her braided hairstyle, as at least her magic wasn’t interrupted by a mass of loose hair flying in her face.

8 Cinderella’s Cleaning Outfit

Cinderella in Disney's animated film

Cinderella wore a few outfits throughout the film, although, the one she wore while in her stepmother’s home was the least practical of them all. It obviously went along with the times, but the choice to wear a dress to do chores is never a smart idea.

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The skirts are prone to becoming dirtier in the way they fan out and hit various surfaces and her legs do as well when she is cleaning floors. She would have been better off with a pair of functional pants, but her use of an apron is what puts her higher up on this list.

7 Rapunzel’s Dress

Rapunzel from Disney's Tangled

Rapunzel was already dealing with her long hair, so why would she choose to wear a dress for her everyday outfit? It only made things more difficult for her as she now had to deal with her many layers of skirts while focusing on not tangling herself up in her own locks.

She also spent her days locked away in a tower, so there was no need to don something as intricate as this gown in the first place, but it did make for some great memes.

6 Anna’s Adventuring Outfit

Princess Anna in Disney's Frozen

Princess Anna was on a mission to find her sister, as all the best sisters do, which is why fans are side-eyeing her outfit choice for this adventure. The journey was filled with snow, which begs the question as to why she didn’t change out of her dress for the ball before heading out into the weather.

The long sleeves do help with the cold, but her ensemble was in no way warm enough to keep her skin from enduring frostbite during this journey.

5 Mulan’s Honorable Outfit

Princess Mulan from Disney's animated film

Mulan is a warrior and her entire personality spoke of this virtue, which is why this dress was so impractical for her even if it was a great part of the film. It was desired by her family that she grow up into a beautiful woman and follow the norms of their culture, but it just wasn’t for her.

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This outfit is fairly useless to Mulan, even after she leaves her warrior days behind, as she set new standards for women. It is impractical for Mulan as she continues to follow her path to greatness in a way that brought honor to her family differently than they imagined. Though she didn’t have much of a choice, practicality here speaks more to the wearer than the outfit itself.

4 Merida’s Typical Dress

Merida from Disney's Brave

Merida desires to find her own way, but the dress she wears in the film doesn’t do her any favors. She is known for her archery skills and the bulkiness of the material restricts her movement which is not what is needed for a girl who is searching for her own destiny.

The hairstyle given to her doesn’t help much either as anyone with curly hair knows it is prone to finding its way into a person’s line of sight at the most inopportune times. A hair tie could have gone far.

3 Snow White’s Blue And Yellow Gown

Snow White from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Snow White finds herself living in the forest with a bunch of Dwarves, but she never decides to change her outfit into something more practical. She chose to stick with her yellow and blue dress, which made her instantly recognizable to anyone who saw her, which is why so many fan art pieces give her reinvented outfits.

She should have put on something with less color and originality, and maybe even choose to wear pants, as her goal was to hide away in the forest forever to hide from the wicked Queen.

2 Cinderella’s Glass Slippers

Cinderella wore glass slippers to the ball

Cinderella didn’t have much say in her outfit, but glass slippers were definitely not the way to go. Glass is as breakable as it is slippery which is why it is no wonder she lost one when she was running from the castle.

They did win her a prince as it gave him a way to find her, although as a practical fashion choice, it falls short.

1 Ariel’s Sail Dress

disney princess ariel

When Ariel first made it onto land she fashioned a dress from an old sail and a rope, which many fans have chosen to cosplay. This dress is not practical in any situation, as well as far from fashionable even if it is made from organic recycled materials.

The only thing she achieved was the act of looking ridiculous which is why this is the most impractical of all the Disney princess outfits to date. She didn’t have much choice in the matter, but even with the materials at hand, she might have fashioned something just a bit more practical.

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