10 Biggest Episodes For Jake & Amy’s Relationship

When it comes to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, there’re a lot of dynamics to admire. One of them being the number of relationships and couples that take place in the show. One of them being Jake and Amy that many thought wouldn’t have happened.

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They seem like polar opposites with Amy being a neat-freak and a bit detail-oriented. While Jake is more childish in his antics. Their love proved to be heartwarming and realistic. Their opposite personalities proved to be perfect for one another. Throughout the show, fans saw some major milestone moments that helped define their relationship.

10 The Bet (Season 1, Episode 13)

Jake and Amy’s relationship first started blossoming in season one. At first, they couldn’t really stand each other because their personalities were so different. In “The Bet,” things started to change. Jake bets Amy on who can make the most arrests. In the end, Jake wins and takes Amy on “the worst date ever.”

This includes a horrendous prom dress but their date is interrupted when they’re called to a stakeout. While on the roof, they start to reminisce and bond over past dates. They even fake being a couple to catch a perp. It was the beginning of a major turning point in their relationship.

9 The Road Trip (Season 2, Episode 9)

Amy and Teddy Season 2, Episode 9

Jake and Amy’s relationship from the stakeout never develops. Amy goes on to date Teddy. Which no one on the team likes, especially Jake. Jake is enthralled with his new girlfriend while Amy is starting to dislike Teddy. They’re assigned on a work trip and Jake invited his new girlfriend and invited Teddy.

Jake is unaware that Amy was going to break up with Teddy. Jake and his girlfriend help Amy control her emotions at dinner. But things go wrong when Teddy tells the truth that he thinks they’re breaking up because Jake admitted his feelings for Amy. This episode is a deal-breaker that forces both sides to evaluate their feelings.

8 Johnny And Dora (Season 2, Episode 23)

Amy and Jake Season 2, Episode 23

This episode is a huge moment in Jake and Amy’s relationship from beginning to end. In the beginning, Jake and Amy are assigned a robbery case. Jake is initially reluctant to work with Amy and spills the beans that he was planning on asking her out. While on the job, in order to get close to the perp, they act as an engaged couple.

This leads to a flurry of feelings, even more so when they kiss to keep up their act. When the case is done, they try to talk about whether or not they have feelings for each other. By the end, Jake and Amy give in and share a real kiss in the filing room.

7 The Cruise (Season 3, Episode 13)

Amy Season 3, Episode 13

“The Cruise” depicts any crucial moment for any relationship. It’s when both parties say their first “I Love You.” Jake wins tickets for a cruise with Amy. Their getaway isn’t all fun and games when they run into Doug Judy and turns their trip into one having to deal with an assassin.

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The critical moment happens at the end when Jake gives in and goes salsa dancing with Amy. Amy is first to say ” I love you,” but Jake shuts down and says, “Noice. Smort.”  Amy looks upset until Jake comes to the realization that he truly loves Amy and says “I love you, too.”

6 Mr.Santiago (Season 4, Episode 7)

Jake and Mr.Santiago Season 4, Episode 7

Meeting your significant other’s parents is a big deal. Good impressions need to be made, but it’s a bit hard for Jake. Amy’s father is a retired cop and is a bit of a hard character to please. Their meeting proved to be a crucial moment for Jake and Amy. Jake went as far as going full-on “Amy mode” and made his own binder about her dad.

Jake was desperate to have Amy’s dad like him even though he made it clear he wasn’t happy about them being together. Jake goes above and beyond to get his approval which didn’t work out well.  But in the end, Amy’s dad knows that they love each other and it’s what matters.

5 The Fugitive (Season 4, Episode 11 & 12)

Jake and Amy in Season 4, Episode 11 & 12

“The Fugitive” was a two-part episode where one of a cop’s worst nightmare comes true. But in this case, it’s one of Jake’s lifelong dreams. A prison bus crashes letting its inmates escape. This means a manhunt to Jakes’ glee. Jake and Amy plan to move in together which is a big milestone for taking their relationship to the next level.

One problem, they can’t decide whose moving into whose apartment. Hence the bet. It’s either Jake’s dingy apartment with the never drying towel or Amy’s more pristine and clean one. Both end up catching the same perp and read him his rights. But Jake stops and tells Amy he loves her and that he wants to move into her apartment. He explains that her happiness is more important than winning a bet.

4 Chasing Amy (Season 4, Episode 18)

Jake in Season 4, Episode 18

“Chasing Amy” is a crucial episode for Jake and Amy’s relationship because it showcased how much Jake loves Amy. Also Amy’s worry for her and Jake’s relationship. In a prior episode, Jake discovers that Amy wants to become a sergeant. He’s not thrilled at first.  In “Chasing Amy” Jake does everything he can to help Amy pass the exam.

He even sets up a practice test. She disappears before the exam and finds her on the roof. Amy is afraid of what the sergeant position could mean for their relationship. But Jake reassures her that he always knew she was meant to do more and that she’s too good to be afraid of success.

3 HalloVeen (Season 5, Episode 4)

Jake and Amy proposal in Season 5, Episode 4

This is one of the many and comical Halloween heist episodes in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. As per tradition, the squad takes part in the Halloween heist competing for the belt and victory. But this episode proved to be so much more than just a competition. Jake uses the heist to propose to Amy.

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When Amy finds the belt in the evidence room she sees that Jake changed its wording. It read “Amy Santiago, will you marry me?” She happily accepts and becomes a big moment for their relationship. Jake admits to the very moment he realized he wanted to marry Amy. While in bed, she pointed out a typo in the crossword and Jake just knew.

2 Jake & Amy (Season 5, Episode 22)

Jake and Amy wedding in Season 5, Episode 22

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest milestones in their relationship was the day they get married. Their perfectly planned day is anything but perfect. someone called the venture with a bomb threat putting the squad on high alert. It proves to be someone from Amy’s past. No to mention the person in charge of the bomb squad is her ex, Teddy.

They’re ruined wedding day doesn’t stop them from getting married. They get married outside in front of the precinct with a robot holding the rings. Holt officiates the wedding making it more emotional. The squad goes to celebrate their happy union at the bar.

1 Lights Out (Season 7, Episode 13)

Jake, Amy and Mac in Season 7, Episode 13

Last but not least is the moment when Jake and Amy become a family of three. Before the “Lights Out” episode, there’s another episode that’s just as important. It’s “Trying.” Jake and Amy come to realize that they’re ready to start a family. They spend months trying every possible maneuver and trick in the book but can’t get pregnant. They start to lose hope and Jake reassures her.

In the following episode, she finally gets pregnant. In “Lights Out” the city loses power causing havoc. It only gets worse when Amy’s water breaks and has no way of getting to the hospital. Jake reaches the precinct in time to help Amy deliver their first child named Mac.

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