What A “T Spin” Is & Why You Need To Learn How To Do It

Tetris is a simple game that hides a lot of depth. The easiest advanced technique to learn is T-Spinning, which increases the player’s efficiency.

Tetris is an incredibly simple and intuitive game at its surface. Stick blocks together and complete horizontal rows to earn points. However, there are many layers of depth to how one can build towards the top of the screen and break down their structures. One of the first techniques that a player can learn to make their building more sophisticated is the Tetris T-Spin.

T-Spinning in Tetris sounds hard, and can be somewhat daunting, but it is actually a fairly simple technique that anyone can learn with just a minor amount of practice. There are many different ways to pull a T-Spin off, but the simplest way is by finding a hole in the build shaped like the Tetris T-Block. The hole must be completely open, aside from a one-block overhang on either the left or the right. Then the player drops a T-Block on its side into the gap before spinning it into the T-shaped hole. This creates a T-Spin Double, which nets the player as many points as a regular Tetris while only breaking half the blocks.

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Tetris YouTuber Tafokints demonstrates and explains this technique quite concisely. T-Spinning in Tetris gives the player many advantages while playing the game. The biggest of these advantages is somewhat discreet, but nevertheless important. Plainly speaking, T-Spinning makes players more efficient both in multiplayer and single-player because they are netting themselves more points for breaking fewer rows than they would with a regular Tetris. In multiplayer games like Tetris 99 and Puyo Puyo Tetris, it lets the player send out more attacks towards opponents while compromising their own build as little as possible.

Why T-Spinning In Tetris Is Important

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Perhaps more helpful than simply increasing efficiency, however, is that T-Spinning teaches players some fundamental skills that will greatly increase their overall Tetris gameplay as well. To T-Spin in Tetris consistently, a player must identify and imagine possible builds using the pieces they see coming towards them. Teaching oneself to look ahead and envision their build before actually building it is the most important skill to learn because it will allow them to build things even more sophisticated than a T-Spin Double.

Once a player masters a regular T-Spin Double in Tetris, they can move on to T-Spin Triples, which are much harder to build, but net the player even more points than a Tetris for the extra effort. Even beyond that are setups such as “T-Spin Factories,” builds that are specifically designed to set the player up for multiple T-Spins in a short amount of time. These kinds of builds in Tetris are extremely complex, and require a huge amount of forethought, speed, and improvisation from the player to consistently pull off. However, the rewards for building at this level are astronomical.

Regardless of the level of T-Spin a Tetris player is performing, the biggest challenge surrounding the ordeal will be building around the T-Spin. Oftentimes, players are not going to want to complete their T-Spin as soon as they set it up, they are going to wait for an opportune time to cash in those points (especially in multiplayer). Unfortunately, that means that the player must constantly keep two entire vertical lanes free to keep their T-Spin intact. This may sound easy, but when a player is improvising the bulk of their builds as they go, it can be a challenge to retain the integrity of their setup. Regardless, once a player overcomes this, T-Spinning will become one of the most powerful tools in their Tetris arsenal.

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Source: Tafokints/YouTube

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