One Smallville Character Secretly Met Batman & Wonder Woman

A character in Smallville, Allison Mack’s Chloe Sullivan, secretly encountered two of Superman’s biggest DC Comics allies, Batman and Wonder Woman.

One character on Smallville, Chloe Sullivan, secretly encountered both Batman and Wonder Woman. Chloe, who was portrayed by disgraced actress Allison Mack, was a close friend of Clark who later became romantically involved with Oliver Stone Queen aka Green Arrow. Her story continued past the TV series via comics, which is where she encountered the iconic DC heroes: Though neither appeared in the flesh in the Superman prequel series, both Batman and Wonder Woman existed in Clark’s world and made appearances in the Smallville season 11 comic.

The last six seasons of Smallville were filled with DC Comics superheroes. In seasons 4 and 5 alone, Clark crossed paths with Bart Allen (Kyle Gallner), Aquaman (Alan Ritchson), and Cyborg (Lee Thompson Young). Together with the Green Arrow (Justin Hartley), these characters formed the Justice League. Later on, Clark also participated in team-ups with Black Canary (Alaina Huffman), the Justice Society, the Wonder Twins, and Zatanna (Serinda Swan). Other major characters that recurred through the show’s back half include Martian Manhunter (Phil Morris) and Supergirl (Laura Vandervoort).

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A brief reference in a season 10 episode revealed that two more iconic Justice League members reside somewhere in Smallville’s universe, and, in fact, have even met Clark’s biggest ally. Following Chloe’s return from a lengthy absence, she joined forces with the Suicide Squad and met with other superheroes similar to Clark. She mentioned some of these encounters to Clark in “Fortune.” According to Chloe, she met “a billionaire with high tech toys and a wondrous woman who’s gonna throw you for a loop.” These are clear references to Batman and Wonder Woman.

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Though Chloe had prior connections to both heroes in Smallville season 10, neither were called in to help out with Darkseid. Throughout the show’s ten-season run, Batman and Wonder Woman remained on a short list of characters DC wouldn’t let the writers use. However, it was never a secret that their worlds existed within Clark’s. Gotham City was namedropped a number of times, and Wonder Woman was directly referenced on multiple occasions as well. Lois Lane (Erica Durance) cosplayed as a “Amazon princess” with the same costume as Diana in season 9, and Wonder Woman’s mother was alluded to in a newspaper headline in season 3.

It seems fitting that if any character on Smallville had a relationship of some sort with both of them, it would be Chloe Sullivan. Though originally portrayed as a student in charge of the high school paper, she came quite far during her time on Smallville. As her friendship with Clark and discovery of his secret led her deeper into his world, Chloe formed strong connections to people in the superhero community, including the Green Arrow (who she eventually married). It reached a point when Clark wasn’t the only hero who recognized her usefulness. While Clark didn’t always approve of this, others began relying on her for help just as he did. She even joined the Justice League as Watchtower, using her hacking skills and resources to become their eyes and ears. Despite starting out as a somewhat normal teenager with a crush on Clark, Chloe evolved into one of the most important characters in Smallville’s adaptation of the DC Universe.

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