Memphis Garrett & Christmas Abbott Are Dating Now

Memphis and Christmas have confirmed they are dating. This news comes just following Christmas’ recent trip to Florida to visit her new boyfriend.

Just about one month after the Big Brother: All Stars finale, Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett have confirmed they are dating. While the two were inside the house, rumors speculated that Memphis had cheated on his girlfriend with Christmas. Memphis’ now ex-girlfriend had denied the allegations prior to his arrival home.

Big Brother brought back some fan favorites (and some not so favorites) this past summer to compete on an All-Stars season. Bringing back past competitors was the show’s best option this year since they could not hold auditions due to the pandemic. Two of the 16 returnees included Christmas Abbott of season 19 and Memphis Garrett of season 10. Christmas came in third place on her first season and fourth place during this past season. Memphis made it to finale night his first go around, coming in second place but wasn’t so lucky during the All-Star season. He was evicted the week before Christmas. The two became very close this past season, spending much of their time inside the house together. Christmas was notably upset after Memphis’ eviction, isolating herself from the other three remaining houseguests. There were many rumors going around that Memphis had cheated on his then girlfriend with Christmas during his time away from home. The two just recently reunited in Florida.

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It looks like the speculations were true and there is yet another Big Brother couple. Christmas and Memphis have confirmed to E! News that they are dating. The two spoke with the news outlet to share the news as well as gush over each other. Christmas shared that her favorite thing about her new boyfriend is that he “understands” her.  She explained that he does not expect her to be someone that she is not. He accepts her the way she is and does not try to change her. Christmas feels the same in return. She admitted to loving him for who he is, which she described as “wild” and “unapologetic.” She added, “He feels like home.”

Christmas did not do all of the talking. Memphis had some compliments for her as well. Despite admitting to having a whole list of things he loves about her, Memphis shared that Christmas’ “contagious laugh” and “authenticity” are at the top of said list. The two also admitted to not expecting to find love while inside the Big Brother house. Christmas made it clear that she was “there to win.” She went on to explain that the two got to know each other through real, in person, deep conversations, rather than the “normal” ways people find love today. She described their initial connection as “rare” as well as clarified there was no physical connection. Memphis added, “Sometimes fate has other plans.” Christmas shared similar thoughts on Instagram with photos of the two writing, “Love is not found, it’s built.” She went on to clarify that despite rumors, it was not a kiss in the video circulating the internet.

It looks like Christmas and Memphis can be added to the list of Big Brother couples. The details do still seem a little sketchy, as there was no official news of Memphis breaking up with his now-ex. Christmas had a boyfriend at home while she was in the house as well. They may not have brought home the money from Big Brother: All-Stars, but a lot has definitely changed for the two since leaving the house just less than two months ago.

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Source: E! News, Christmas Abbott/Instagram

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