MCU: The 10 Saddest Things About Black Widow

Black Widow is one of the most popular MCU superheroes. She’s been in the MCU since 2010 and has helped to save the world many times. As a former spy, Natasha Romanoff has a lot of skills that are useful for her superhero work. Even though she doesn’t possess any actual superpowers like most of her fellow Avengers, that never stopped her from bringing down bad guys.

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Unfortunately, Black Widow’s life wasn’t always easy and there are many moments in it that make the fans feel sad for her. From personal relationships to her past, Black Widow often deserved better than she got.

10 The Failed Romance

The romance between Natasha and her fellow team member Bruce Banner didn’t sit well with many fans. Some liked it, but others objected it came out of nowhere and didn’t feel believable.

Whatever the case, the relationship fell apart quickly, even though it looked like Natasha and Bruce didn’t stop caring about each other. They might have made it work in the end, but Natasha’s death stopped that from happening.

9 Her Death

Many people suspected that Tony Stark would say his final goodbye in Avengers: Endgame (2019). But rarely anyone guessed that Natasha would also die – and unlike Tony, she wasn’t surrounded by her loved ones, only Clint was with her.

Natasha sacrificed her life when she and Clint went to Vormir to get the Soul Stone. She felt like Clint had more to live for, and was willing to give up her life for their fight – even though she deserved better.

8 Fans Still Don’t Know What Happened In Budapest

Natasha’s upcoming solo film Black Widow could finally change that, but for now, the question of what exactly happened in Budapest remains one of the greatest mysteries of the MCU.

It continues to torture the fans who are creating multiple theories about Natasha’s and Clint’s mission in the Hungarian city. And the fans would also be disappointed and upset if they didn’t get the answer in the end.

7 She Thinks Her Parents Are Dead

Sometimes the scenes that tell the audience the most about the characters don’t make it into the final cut of the film. That also happened with Natasha in Captain America: Civil War (2016). Natasha goes to support her close friend, Steve Rogers when he attends Peggy Carter’s funeral.

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Afterward, Natasha reveals that when she went back to Russia to find her parents, she found two gravestones instead. That means she’s an orphan, just like most of her fellow Avengers – Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and Thor, to name just three.

6 She Can’t Have Children

If Natasha didn’t want to have children, then this would be a different case. But based on her conversation with Bruce in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), it’s clear that she’s not happy about what they did to her in the Red Room, the fact that they made her infertile.

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that Natasha would be a great mom but unfortunately, she never got the chance.

5 Her Harsh Training

Speaking of the Red Room and Natasha’s past, it’s clear that her previous life was far from happy. When she attended the Black Widow training, she lived in harsh conditions and was treated in a way that left scars on her – mostly mental, but perhaps also physical.

The show Agent Carter then revealed more details about the lives of the girls who attended the training. And judging by the fact that they handcuffed them to their beds at night, the training was no cakewalk.

4 Steve May Have Rejected Her

Natasha Steve Kiss

Who would want to be friend-zoned by Captain America? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to Natasha.

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She kissed Steve in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), and if that wasn’t obvious enough, she later implied they could become more than friends – only for Steve to quickly shoot her down. It’s unclear how seriously Natasha considered any kind of romance between them, and ultimately, she took it in stride. Still, it’s a shame since she and Steve have a lot in common and could have been a badass couple.

3 She Had To Fight Her Friends And Family

Fighting one’s friends is never easy. Especially when they’re the only family the person has, like Natasha. But even Black Widow was forced to choose sides during the Civil War.

She first sided with Iron Man which meant she had to fight with her good friend Clint. She then switched sides and helped Steve and Bucky escape. And there’s also the case of her fight with Clint in the Avengers (2012) when she had to hurt him to break Loki’s mind control over him – no matter how much Natasha might have disliked fighting her close friend.

2 The Movies Made Her Into A Sexual Object

Black Widow and Tony Stark In Iron Man 2

This was especially obvious in the second Iron Man movie where Natasha also appeared for the first time. She took on an assumed identity and posed as the pretty assistant to Pepper Potts.

And even though she took down a bunch of enemies later on in the film and also defeated Happy in the boxing ring, she also wore overly revealing dresses and even appeared briefly in her underwear when Tony searched for more information about her, not to mention Tony openly flirting with Natasha despite his relationship with Pepper. This wasn’t really the best treatment of such an excellent hero.

1 It Took So Long Before Her Solo Movie Came

The release of Natasha’s solo movie got postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis but it should have come a long time ago. With the exception of Hawkeye (who will appear in a TV show), Natasha was the only one who didn’t have her solo movie – no matter how popular she is and how many fans asked for it.

In fact, she’ll only get her solo movie 11 years after she first appeared in the MCU, even though Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor all already have trilogies to their names.

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