Hell & 2020 Fall in Love in Ryan Reynolds’ Match Commercial

Match.com brings Hell and 2020 together in a new commercial for the dating service written by Ryan Reynolds and featuring new Taylor Swift music.

Ryan Reynolds produced a new commercial for Match.com that pairs up Hell and 2020 in a whirlwind romance. 2020 has been a horrible year for just about everyone. From the pandemic forcing everyone around the world inside for nine months to a tumultuous election, there has been no shortage of events to make one’s head spin. With the year coming to a close and an end possibly in sight, injecting some humor into the situation is not out of the question.

Reynolds himself has seen his film Free Guy pushed back, as well as delayed production starts on upcoming project Red Notice. The movie industry has also taken a big hit, with theaters shut down for most of the summer and most blockbusters vacating 2020 for greener pastures. 2020 has been a particular kind of hell for nearly everyone and with his new commercial, Reynolds takes the saying to its logical extreme.

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The commercial, available on Reynolds’ YouTube channel and titled “Match Made in Hell,” begins in Hell. Satan (Aaron Reed) is browsing Match.com and eventually meets up with a woman named 2020 (Natalie Roy). The commercial continues as they do various activities with a 2020-style twist. The commercial ends with them on a bench overlooking the skyline while meteors plummet towards the earth. Meanwhile, in the background, a new version of Taylor Swift’s megahit “Love Story” plays. The singer revealed on Twitter that she let Reynolds use a new version of the song as she rerecords her masters.

The commercial is a fitting mashup of this absolutely chaotic year. The music is a perfect backdrop, not only for Match.com, but for its sugary pop sound paired with the absolutely bleak reality of the current state of the world. Fans of Swift are sure to be excited, too – the singer has long teased the rerecording of her masters and, with Reynolds and Swift being close friends, it adds an exciting layer to the commercial.

Reynolds ties it all together by having the new couple steal toilet paper, visit an empty sports stadium, an empty movie theater, and a socially distanced gym, familiar sites to anyone who has ventured outside in the past few months. The couple even takes a selfie in front of a dumpster fire, which most of us have probably used to describe this year. While things continue to remain bleak as we head into the holiday season, the commercial is a bit of a bright spot. With hope on the horizon in the form of a potential vaccine, some humor is needed to offset what has been quite a depressing year.

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