Everything To Know About Faith Fernandez

Faith Fernandez is the leading woman on HBO Max’s dating competition 12 Dates Of Christmas, where she’s hoping to find a rom-com kind of love.

Faith Fernandez is the leading woman on HBO Max’s dating competition 12 Dates Of Christmas, where she’s hoping to find a rom-com kind of love. It’s official: the new streaming service HBO Max has launched its first-ever reality show about dating. This show is all about bringing the feel and vibe of romantic holiday movies into the reality TV genre, and it is produced by the same people behind the hit Netflix series Love Is Blind. The format feels familiar to the viewers that like these types of shows, but there’s also a pretty original spin to that tried-and-true formula.

One of the biggest selling points of HBO Max’s 12 Dates Of Christmas is that it has not one, nor even two, but three leads. There is Faith Fernandez, who is a woman looking for a man to date. Then there is Chad Savage, who is a man trying to fall in love with a girl. And there is Garrett Marcantel, a gay man who is trying to find a guy worthy of bringing home for the holidays. Overall, these three leads get to call all the shots on 12 Dates of Christmas, but that doesn’t stop certain contestants from pursuing other relationships in the series.

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Faith Fernandez, the only leading lady on 12 Dates Of Christmas, is 25 years old and from Seattle, Washington. However, she currently lives in Los Angeles, California and works as a stylist. Faith has only been in one serious committed relationship in her life, but she’s been single for five years, which means that she’s ready to find love again. She also used to be a cheerleader for the NFL team Seattle Hawks, so any guy can rest assured that this girl can hang during their Sunday Night Football watch parties. On her Instagram, Faith has plenty of pictures (all seen below) showcasing her personality and beauty. She also has a pretty impressive video of her dancing in a studio while wearing a t-shirt that reads, “Everybody vs. Trump.”

During the 12 Dates Of Christmas series premiere, Faith Fernandez seemed to have a special bond with Chad Savage, who is another lead on the show. She even went as far as ignoring the first guy that she met in the season, Kevin Drouin, in order to favor her connection with Chad. But as the episodes went on, it is unclear if their romantic connection is still strong or even real. Only time will tell if there was indeed something there between Faith and Chad.

There’s no denying that Faith is bringing the heat to 12 Dates Of Christmas. So far, it seems like these guys can take it, but the jury is still out on who Faith will bring home for the holidays.

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Sources: Faith Fernandez’s Instagram

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