DC Comics Just Freed Their Most Powerful DCEU Villain

DC’s Endless Winter has begun, and the Frost King has unleashed his icy power on the whole world. However, Black Adam has seen this all before

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Justice League: Endless Winter #1 from Andy Lannin, Ron Marz, and Howard Porter 

In the premiere issue of DC Comics’ Endless Winter event, the Frost King has been released to wreak havoc on the world, covering the entire globe in a magical and brutal snowstorm. While the Justice League tried to stop him, they were too late to prevent the global phenomenon from occurring, and they also seem at a loss at how to best take him down. However, the issue does reveal someone who seemingly has some experience with the Frost King: Black Adam, the magical ruler of Kahndaq and who will soon be DC Films’ most powerful villain.

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In the beginning of the issue, Stagg Industries had been digging in the arctic for quite some time, searching for remnants of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude in the massive crater left behind. However, the workers are soon attacked by a legion of ice-monsters, resulting in the arrival of the Justice League. In response, a new villain emerges from the crater, calling himself the Frost King, claiming that he has finally been freed and that this time the world will now pay before teleporting away. In the aftermath, Superman realizes that the Frost King emerged from the crater where his Fortress used to be, believing that this new villain somehow absorbed the energy from the Kryptonian remnants. As the issue ends, the entire world becomes blanketed in snow and ice, and the Endless Winter has begun.

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However, Kahndaq’s ruler Black Adam has a rather interesting response to the snow falling down on his nation in Justice League: Endless Winter #1. Rather than displaying mere surprise, he also wonders how an event such as this could have happened…again. Combined with the Frost Kings’ words promising retribution, it looks as though this isn’t the world’s first attack from the Frost King, and that Black Adam was present for the first. Sure enough, the issue ends with a look into the past, seeing Black Adam’s release from his prison by the Wizard for the express purpose of helping the Amazonian Queen Hippolyta, Swamp Thing, and Viking Prince to stop the Frost King during the 10th Century.

If the Justice League has any hope of figuring out what they’re up against, it’s likely that Black Adam will have the answers they’re looking for. They may even find an ally in the magical dictator, seeing as how it would be in all of their interests to keep his nation and the world safe from the Frost King’s conquest. It should be noted that the Frost King’s first attack seems to add a new retcon into Black Adam’s past, as this could be the new reason for why he was freed in the first place. However, it could be that Black Adam gets re-imprisoned after the Frost King’s defeat, only to be freed centuries later by Dr. Sivana as his New 52 origin suggests. Regardless, Black Adam is a major heavy hitter in the DC Universe, wielding the power of the Egyptian gods that rival the abilities of Shazam, allowing him to go toe to toe with Superman if he so desired.

That will probably be a good thing, seeing as though the Frost King has seemingly been upgraded thanks to the remains of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. Being full of Kryptonian energy was probably not a concern for Black Adam during their first conflict, and it’s probably why the Frost King is free once more. In any case, it looks as though Black Adam is going to get his time to shine during Endless Winter before his upcoming film debut in the DCEU.

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