Dan DiDio Says Goodbye in His Final DC Comic

Former DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio bid an emotional farewell to the company he called home for 19 years in the last issue of Metal Men!

Spoilers for Metal Men #12 ahead!

Dan DiDio bids farewell to DC Comics in this week’s Metal Men #12. DiDio, who had been writing the book, wrote himself into the issue’s final scene, and it is a touching farewell to the company he had called home for 19 years. Metal Men #12, with art by Shane Davis, is in stores now.

DiDio joined DC editorial in 2002 as Vice-President and was promoted to Executive Editor in 2004; for the last decade he had been serving as Co-Publisher, alongside Jim Lee. DiDio is credited for helping revitalize DC Comics, presiding over such events as Identity Crisis, 52, and The Blackest Night, among others. He was also a chief architect of “The New 52” relaunch from 2011, a controversial reboot of the DC Universe that has been slowly undone over the last five years. Beyond his editorial duties, DiDio also wrote for DC, opting to focus on lesser known characters such as OMAC, The Forever People and Infinity Man. DiDio stepped down from his position as Co-Publisher earlier this year, and the last page of Metal Men #12 is his final goodbye.

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After Will Magnus is successful in bringing the Metal Men back to our reality, Will and the Metal Men go out for drinks. As they reflect on their lives and careers, a bartender bearing a strong resemblance to DiDio listens in. As the Metal Men leave the bar one by one, only Magnus and Platinum remain. The bartender assures them everything will be fine, and then requests a favor: to lock up the bar when they leave. The bartender puts on a baseball cap (one of DiDio’s signature accessories) and says it is time for him to head home and that there are other worlds and universes to explore.

Writers and artists inserting themselves into the pages of their comics is nothing new but is usually employed for either laughs or meta-commentary, but here it serves as DiDio saying goodbye to DC and telling fans he will be back with the “new worlds and universe” comment.

DiDio’s tenure at DC was not without its fair share of controversy, namely the New 52 relaunch. But DiDio did a lot of good for the company as well; he helped shake up the line in the mid-2000s and raised the stakes for the DC Universe. DiDio was a gregarious presence at conventions, representing DC to the world at large. For many, Dan DiDio is the public face of DC Comics, and his appearance in Metal Men #12 is his touching goodbye

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