Christmas Chronicles 2 Has Santa Claus’ Real Backstory

The Christmas Chronicles 2 gives Santa Claus a backstory, and the movie infuses the tale of the real St. Nicholas with lots of holiday magic.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 introduces Santa Claus’ backstory. The Christmas Chronicles debuted on Netflix in 2018. It starred Kurt Russell as a leaner, cooler Claus who isn’t particularly thrilled with the public’s misconception of him as a grandfatherly figure who needs to shed more than a few pounds. The story offers imaginative answers to non-believers everywhere, including how Santa gets in and out of chimneys, how he manages to deliver toys to children all over the world one night, and how he keeps track of all those letters. Russell reprises his role in the 2020 sequel, and he’s once again counting on a now teenaged Kate (Darby Camp) to help him save Christmas. Other returning cast members include Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Claus, who has a much more expanded role in the newest Netflix film.

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In The Christmas Chronicles 2, Kate struggles with her mom Claire’s (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) relationship with her boyfriend Bob (Tyrese Gibson). Bob, Kate, Teddy (Judah Lewis), and Bob’s hypochondriac son Jack (Jahzir Bruno), are spending the holidays in Cancun, Mexico, and Kate fears that Bob is replacing her and her late father. Meanwhile, a disgruntled former elf named Belsnickel (Julian Dennison) uses Kate, a celebrity in the North Pole thanks to her exploits during The Christmas Chronicles, to get back into Santa’s Village. Once inside, Belsnickel, who became human after breaking the Elves’ Code, exacts revenge that threatens to doom the North Pole, Santa’s Village, and Christmas.

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The Christmas Chronicles 2 (part of Netflix’s Christmas cinematic universe) delves into the origin story of Santa Claus, who is based on St. Nicholas, a 4th-century bishop known for his generosity. He lived in the ancient Greek town named Myra, located in Lycia on Turkey’s southern coast. In The Christmas Chronicles 2, St. Nicholas is seen dispensing coins and oranges, but the movie leaves out an integral part of St. Nicholas’ story. Before he was canonized, Nicholas learned of three young women whose father couldn’t afford a dowry and considered pushing them into prostitution (other accounts replace prostitution with servitude) as a means of survival. St. Nicholas gave the man three bags of gold coins so his daughters could marry. Following his death, stories of St. Nicholas’ miracles and good deeds became legendary. How he became Santa Claus varies throughout European and American history, but The Christmas Chronicles keeps the story family-friendly and simple: magic, prophecies, and elves.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 Cast

The Christmas Chronicles 2 also infuses a Christian symbol into the plotline. Santa’s workshop isn’t a one-person operation; it’s 300,000 shops that churn out everything from candy canes to video games. During their downtime, the elves can ice skate, make snow angels, or hit the local cinema (which features the Elf Easter egg.) The Village is powered by the Star of Bethlehem (or Christmas Star), and its light, along with the aurora borealis, creates a veil that keeps the Village hidden from outsiders.

In Christian teachings, the Star of Bethlehem is a light in the night sky that leads the three wise men to the birthplace of Jesus Christ. The Christmas Chronicles 2  doesn’t delve into the religious dogma surrounding the Christmas Star (it was gifted to Santa by Forest Elves), but the inhabitants of Santa’s Village treat it with reverence because of its magical light.

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