10 Best Horror Movie Posters Of The 2010s, Ranked

Horror movies can often leave the audience speechless, scared, and they are known to provoke the most terrifying nightmares. Most horror movies require blankets to hide under, an additional person as much-needed company to make sure everything is okay, and a steady stomach to handle the blood and gore.

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In the past decade, the production companies have upped their game and started attracting even more people but creating incredibly horrifying posters to promote the movies. From killer clowns to insidious serial murders, here are 10 of the best horror movie posters of the past decade.

10 IT (2017)

It: Chapter One, better known simply as It, is one of the most famous American supernatural horrors of all time, as well as the highest-grossing horror movie of all time. The movie was directed by Andy Muschietti who took Stephen King’s novel and turned it into a masterpiece.

The official poster that was used to promote the movie features a child holding a red balloon, with it obscuring the film’s titular monster. He looks at the child with a creepy smile and he has one arm extended like he is trying to trick him to join him in the darkness.

9 It Follows (2014)

It Follows is an American indie horror film that has one of the most unconventional promo posters ever made. First of all the, title has a neon outline which indicates that the movie is more of a romance than anything else, but the quote “it doesn’t think. It doesn’t feel. It doesn’t give up”  sets the tone that this is indeed a horror movie.

The last thing that is can freak out many people is that the couple on the poster is having a very intimate moment, and this is probably one of the most vulnerable situations two people can be in when something or somebody attacks. It’s scary because it can happen to anyone, and that’s a major theme present in the film.

8 Other Halves (2016)

The official promo poster for the horror movie Other Halves has an exciting graphic with a few hints on what is to be expected. The title is written in a perculiar font, with some kind of digital detailing that is the second indicator on the poster that the movie has to do something connected with technology.

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The first and very obvious detail is the cell phone that the woman is holding; it clearly has something exciting, even hypnotizing on it, apparently distracting her from whatever morbid happenings may be going on around her.

7 Us (2019)

Us falls under the category of supernatural horror films, and the leading role was given to the academy winning actress Lupita Nyong’o. She is also starring in the official poster where she is holding a mask that looks exactly like her face with one difference, she doesn’t seem to have eyebrows and her face is clearly in a severe panic.

On the other poster, the accent falls on the golden pair of scissors that are held by Lupita Nyong’o (considering the gloves and the outfit are the same as the other poster). This can mean many things, though it is clearly left to the imagination of the viewers.

6 Annabelle (2014)

Much like clowns, dolls have been almost entirely ruined thanks to the horror genre’s disturbing fixation on them. On the movie poster for 2014’s Annabelle, a spin-off of The Conjuring, it is more than clear that the doll is possessed as she has a crazy stare. The lights are dimmed in the background, which highlights the blue eyes and her bloody tears, which is not a thing that anyone wants to see on a doll in a dark room.

5 The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

At first glance, the official promo poster for The Cabin in the Woods does not seem as it is promoting a horror movie. The background is light, the cabin seems like a three-floor house, but, if one looks closer, it is a cabin displayed in three forms, floating in the air.

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The tagline “you think you know the story” is a definite confirmation of the genre, and the title focuses on the words “cabin” and “woods,” which immediately form some kind of a storyline with the audience.

4 The Nun (2018)

The Nun is a gothic supernatural horror film that takes place in Romania and the Vatican where a priest uncovers a dark secret. The poster for this movie is incredibly made; it shows an incredible contrast between the good and pure in the nun and the evil of the scratched side.

The left eye of the nun is as clear and innocent as her soul, but the right eye seems like an eye that is either souless or filled with hate. The split that separates the poster in two is clearly burning and the bad and dark side is taking over.

3 Sinister (2012)

Sinister has one of the most disturbing posters of the last decade. The amount of blood and terror on the image makes it clear what kind of genre the movie is and what is to be expected. The fact that a young girl is provoking a demonic image is even scarier, as she is walking past the wall there is the sentence that follows “once you see him, nothing can save you”. The cracks on the wall indicate that the creature may be lurking in the dark corners, and it definitely adds a chilling aspect to the image.

2 Jigsaw (2017)

The famous 2017 horror Jigsaw was an absolute success, as it grossed over $100 million with a budget of only $10 million. The poster features Billy the Puppet, only, this time, his face has smudged makeup and cracks all over his skin. His look is rather sad and tired and not as psychedelic or threatening as usual.

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The other poster displays the head of a creature that can not be identified, as it is mostly covered with long black hair. The head is either hanging on the wall as a trophy, or somebody is holding it up in the air.

1 IT (2019)

The second part of Stephen King’s famous It story has one of the most famous horror posters of all time. There were a number of complaints in many countries, especially in Australia that the poster is so scary for many children that the parents were demanding the authorities to take them down from many locations all over the cities.

The fact that one of the scariest bloody eyes are displayed on a snow-white background is very eye-catching, and all that in poster size can be a bit too much for anyone with a weak heart.

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