The Challenge: 10 Ways Red Skulls Can Be Improved

The Red Skulls were introduced to the Challenge as a way to shake things up – but they need to go a little further to make things really interesting.

In the newest season of The Challenge, Red Skulls were introduced to shake up the formula. In order to compete in the season’s final challenge, you need to earn one of these Red Skulls, and that can be done by winning an elimination.

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While Red Skulls were an interesting twist that made the show a bit more competitive, they weren’t perfect. There were far too many chances to earn them, and earning multiple skulls just did nothing, which seemed like a bit of a missed opportunity. There are plenty of ways that these Red Skulls to be improved upon to make them far more interesting than in their debut season.

10 A More Limited Quantity

One of the main problems with Red Skulls is that they are far too easy to earn. In Total Madness, there was an opportunity for everyone to earn a skull, along with chances for some people to get multiple, or to get their own stolen. Making them so easy to come by makes them less necessary than they could be. Not everyone should have a chance to earn a Red Skull. If they want one, they need to get into an elimination challenge, and quickly.

9 Make Multiple Skulls Actually Do Something

A few challengers held multiple Red Skulls in Total Madness, and that did absolutely nothing for them. If a contestant is given the opportunity to earn a second Red Skull for some reason, and they manage to do so, that should be rewarded. Maybe if they lose an elimination, they just lose a single Skull, and get to stay in the game. Or, perhaps they get an advantage in the next elimination. Either way, there should be something to having Red Skulls besides being able to go into the final.

8 Make Them Stealable

There should be some sort of way to steal Red Skulls from other players, beyond eliminations. Maybe players could challenge someone with a Red Skull if they’re in a position where they really need one, but the odds are against them. This is something that wouldn’t really be used all that often, but could be used during very tense moments. It could be quite the show to see a challenger put their all into stealing a Red Skull from another player, and could really spice things up.

7 Give Players With Them Advantages

This was mentioned earlier, but what if Red Skulls gave players an advantage if they’re thrown into elimination again, or if they opted to join themselves? This could be used to dissuade people from throwing the same players into elimination several times, or could be utilized by the Red Skull holder to try and eliminate other players that they want out of the game. This twist to Red Skulls could be capitalized on in quite a few ways.

6 Relate Them To The Tribunal

Red Skulls could be tweaked to give the player more power. Perhaps the tribunal could only include players that win the daily challenge and those that have Red Skulls of their own.

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This way, if a player wants power, they have to earn it. It’s impossible to simply be voted in without having put in the work first. This could really motivate the challengers to fight for a Red Skull early on in the season. The earlier they win their skull, the earlier they can have some power in the game.

5 Make Them Expire

On that same note, what if Red Skulls expired at some point late into the season? Sure, this wouldn’t work with some of the other tweaks on this list, but it would be interesting in its own right. It would make players think twice about when they’re going to fight for a Red Skull, and would force early winners to re-up their entry ticket to the final.

4 Random Eliminations Worth Multiple Red Skulls

Every once in a while, certain weeks’ eliminations are worth more than one Red Skull. Instead, the winner earns two, or even three. The Challengers would have no way to know when this would occur, so there would be no way to plan on competing on those weeks specifically. A twist such as this could introduce some very interesting drama and strategy among the players.

3 A Final Brawl For Non-Skull Owners

In the last week before the final is set to begin, what if all of the challengers without skulls were sent into a battle royale-style elimination in which the sole survivor won the last Red Skull? Sure, this can’t be used in situations where there are only one or two players left without Skulls, but it could be a super interesting twist that would see the usual elimination format switched up, which is never a bad time. It would certainly be a very entertaining final battle.

2 Let Red Skull Owners Decide If They Want To Go Into Elimination, Or Sacrifice Their Skull

If Challengers are selected to go into an elimination match that they aren’t confident about, perhaps they could choose to sacrifice their Red Skull to stay in the game. Yes, they’d then need to go back into an elimination later on in the season, but they’d be safe from matches they don’t think that they have a chance of winning. From there, a different elimination match-up would be chosen, and the person who gave up their Red Skull couldn’t be picked.

1 Transform Them Into A Currency

What if Red Skulls were modified a bit to become more of a currency than anything? In this form, they’d be more plentiful, and players could spend them to earn their way into the final, get out of challenges, earn advantages, and other new perks. There are plenty of ways a currency system could totally change the format of The Challenge in super interesting and creative ways.

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