Suicide Squad Confirms [SPOILER] is The Son of A New God

DC Comics’ Suicide Squad #11 reveals the cosmic parentage of a former character, opening up possibilities for stories to come after the final issue.

Warning: This Article contains spoilers for Suicide Squad #11

With the return of a lost character in DC Comics’ Suicide Squad #11, it’s revealed that they’re actually the son of a New God. The recent series from Bruno Redondo and Tom Taylor has already been filled with twists and turns from fan-favorite foes, but this new revelation may be the biggest shocker yet.

The Revolutionaries, a new DC Universe team introduced by Redondo and Taylor in the current Suicide Squad run, has included characters from Chaos Kitten to Osita and more, the group is looking to be recruited to Task Force X, the home of the Suicide Squad, and even intentionally allowed themselves to be captured by the Squad so as to enter the program. But one member of The Revolutionaries, Samuel Song, aka Jog, was killed back in Suicide Squad #5. However, in the latest issue, the speedster was astoundingly brought back to life, and not just that, but there’s more to the character than readers initially thought.

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Suicide Squad #11 revealed that Jog is actually the son of Black Racer, a fellow speedster and cosmic entity who doesn’t make appearances too often. The character was first introduced in New Gods #3 by Jack Kirby in 1971 and is involved in lots of New Gods mythology and stories such as Justice League: The Darkseid War. After Task Force X’s signature head bomb took its toll on Jog back in issue #5, he was obviously presumed dead. So imagine fans’ reactions when issue #11 opened with Jog awake and alive, greeted by Black Racer himself.

This revelation opens up a lot of questions for the story going forward, since first and foremost it reveals that Jog is likely far more powerful than initially presumed. Those who thought that he was another traditional speedster are in for a turn with his cosmic parentage revealed. Black Racer introduces himself to his son in this final issue of the current series, inviting Jog to join him with the New Gods, and fans are already speculating the possible outcomes of this new development. Despite Jog’s initially declining the offer in order to find and help his friends, the possibility of his ascension is still on the table, possibly leaning towards a darker side.

Could this final issue in the series be teasing a future installment of the New Gods? Some might think so, considering Black Racer’s appearance has sparked a lot of discussion and questions as to where the characters go from here. Readers don’t discover much more about Racer and Jog in this finale of Suicide Squad, but surely answers and further adventures are right around the corner, jumpstarting Jog as a memorable speedster and now possibly much, much more.

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