Rainbow Six Siege’s ‘Larger Than Usual’ Patch Will Shrink Total File Size

Ubisoft reveals that the Operation Neon Dawn update for Rainbow Six Siege is larger than usual because it’ll shrink the total game size.

The upcoming big update for Rainbow Six Siege is going to be larger than usual, but it’ll actually make the total size of the game’s client smaller. This technical solution will be a part of the Operation Neon Dawn update, which is about to introduce a new Operator to the game.

According to the Operation Neon Dawn reveal trailer, the next Defender to join the diverse Rainbow Six Siege cast of characters will be Aruni, who’s capable of planting laser barriers in the doorways. It’s not like the trap could be an insurmountable obstacle as many attacking Operators can literally break through walls, but the barriers are definitely going to affect the gameplay flow and existing tactical solutions. It is worth noting that the upcoming Operation Neon Dawn update contains just a single new Operator, much like the previous Operation Shadow Legacy back in September.

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The Operation Neon Dawn update for Rainbow Six Siege is going to be unusually large, but there’s a reasonable explanation to it besides adding a new defending Operative. As revealed by Ubisoft on Twitter, the upcoming patch will introduce new technical solutions to shrink the overall size of the game’s client on computers and consoles. Once installed, the update should consolidate files resulting in occupying less storage space. But first, players will have to manage their downloads that could take some time. On PC, the update will be 60GB, while on consoles it’s going to be 35.90GB (with additional next-gen updates registering at 3.20GB and 5.38GB for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, respectively). Prior to that clarification, Ubisoft also offered the exact download times for the update. Users can expect Operation Neon Dawn to launch on December 1 at 08:00 EDT for PC, 09:00 EDT for PlayStation, and 11:00 EDT for Xbox.

Operation Neon Dawn will come packed with several significant changes. Players can expect a reworked Skyscraper map, which has undergone a round of thorough rebalancing. Ubisoft added a new breaching opportunity for attackers while cutting off a part of the balcony to prevent them from camping outside. Additionally, some entries were blocked to enhance the overall experience. On top of that, several Operators received a few balance changes. Most notably, Jäger’s ADS device now has an infinite number of charges, although each time it intercepts a projectile, a 10-second-long cooldown appears.

Considering the amount of content included in Rainbow Six Siege, which is turning five years old, now is the perfect time to reconsider the way the game is stored on players’ computers and consoles. Thanks to a new solution incorporated in the upcoming update, the title will occupy less storage space, although Ubisoft hasn’t provided any specific before/after comparisons. Hopefully, the change will be a significant one freeing at least a dozen GB worth of space.

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Rainbow Six Siege is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and releases on December 1 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Rainbow Six Siege/Twitter

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