Isla Fisher is 100% Down for Wedding Crashers 2

Isla Fisher, who portrayed Gloria in the 2005 romantic comedy Wedding Crashers, says that she’d be excited to reprise the role for a sequel.

Isla Fisher is totally down to return for a Wedding Crashers sequel. The original hit theaters in 2005, focusing on two divorce mediators (played by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson) who crash weddings in an effort to meet single women. In one of her breakthrough performances, Fisher portrayed the feisty and possessive Gloria.

With a cast which also included Christopher Walken, Rachel McAdams, Bradley Cooper, and Jane Seymour, Wedding Crashers was a box office hit. The romantic comedy ultimately grossed more than $288 million worldwide against $40 million. Over the years since its debut, talk of a sequel has ebbed and flowed. At one point, director David Dobkin noted that he chatted with Vaughn and Wilson about a follow-up to the first film that would have featured Daniel Craig as an expert wedding crasher. Now, as the chance of Wedding Crashers 2 is again heating up, Fisher has weighed to express her support for a sequel.

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Speaking with Comic Book to promote her new movie Godmothered, Fisher was asked about the possibility of returning for Wedding Crashers 2. The actress expressed unqualified excitement about the possibility of a sequel, saying that she was a hundred percent willing to reprise the role of Gloria. Fisher also credited the raunchy romcom with helping her career and allowing her to get hired for other roles. You can read Fisher’s full quote below.

“I would 100%, 100% be down. I think there is a ton of comedy to be mined in that set up. I think those two have such a great, natural chemistry. I loved playing a bipolar nymphomaniac. It would be really fun to go step back into that role that sort of made me lucky enough to be cast in fantastic movies like [Godmothered]. Yeah, it’d be great fun!”

Jane Seymour, Christopher Walken and Isla Fisher - Wedding Crashers

The latest round of news regarding Wedding Crashers 2 began in June when Dobkin stated that, despite turning down a second installment of the comedy, he was interested in revisiting the two main characters in their middle age. This was followed up by Vaughn’s revelation, in early November, that he was having serious discussions with Dobkin and Wilson about the chance for a sequel. However, it’s worth noting that Fisher teased a sequel back in 2016. Nothing has materialized so far, which suggests there still might be resistance to the project, perhaps from Dobkin, or an overall feeling that it wouldn’t be worth getting the gang back together unless the plot and themes of the movie actually warranted it. Still, it’s an encouraging sign for fans of the original that the actors are advocating for a sequel.

If the hurdle to a Wedding Crashers 2 comes down to creative considerations, it looks as though the director and the film’s leading men are in the process of working out the details and deciding whether or not to move forward. Vaughn and Wilson’s characters could be ready to settle down in the second installment, only to find themselves faced with a younger set of crashers. This would set up a generational conflict that’s familiar in comedies, such as Neighbors and Dirty Grandpa. Alternatively, the sequel could see the protagonists humorously sticking to old routines. Regardless of what story a Wedding Crashers follow-up focuses on though, there will be a fanbase eager to see it.

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Source: Comic Book

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