How to Win Land Races for Triple XP (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies)

GTA Online is hosting a Triple XP event for a limited time. This guide will help players win Land Races with helpful tips, tricks, and strategies.

Land Races are one of the most important game modes in GTA Online. This guide will provide helpful tips, tricks, and strategies for winning them. GTA Online is one of the first titles to be available across three different generations starting next Spring. The game released on the PlayStation 3 originally, received a PlayStation 4 port where the online mode continued to be added on to, and now a new port coming to the PlayStation 5 with smaller enhancements and further development of the games online mode. It’s the only title that continues to sell millions of copies every month, even though the game is several years old. This is due to the robust and constantly evolving GTA Online. A Triple XP event is happening. Here’s how players can win more Land Races.

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For starters, it’s important to know when you are going to lose. In Land Races with the ability to enable custom cars, if other players have a better ride than you, it will be nearly impossible to catch up. These cars are decked out with turbo boost and some of the fastest engines in the game. It’s essential to join games with preset cars available instead of custom cars in Land Races. Here are some more helpful tips for winning Land Races in GTA Online.

Tips and Tricks On How To Win Land Races in GTA Online

GTA Online Summer Special Cars

Here are some helpful tips and tricks that can improve a player’s chances of winning in a Land Race.

  • Boost At The Beginning: When the race counter is counting down if the player hits the gas right at the point when the counter says “Go”, they will receive a small speed boost at the beginning. An early lead is always good.
  • Use Drafting: Drafting is the speed boost that comes along with riding behind the car that is ahead of you. The wind will make your car a bit faster and able to get a small lead ahead of your opponents.
  • Do not miss checkpoints: Missing a single checkpoint will make the difference between winning and losing. Keep an eye on your mini-map to collect every checkpoint on the way.
  • Avoid Getting Rammed: Take it slow if needed to avoid getting hit by another car. Spinning out or crashing is worst than taking a moment to avoid other cars. Try to not get too greedy.

GTA Online continues to deliver new content to its players. It’s also currently unknown when a new mainline title will release but there is currently no need. With GTA Online making the leap to next-gen soon, more players will get involved in the world of Los Santos.

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GTA Online is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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