How to Unlock Every Character in Slasher’s Keep

Getting the different Origins in Slasher’s Keep is not a difficult as it might seem, but it will take some time in getting them all and here’s how.

Slasher’s Keep is a cartoonish hack and slash first-person game that players can choose different characters by unlocking them throughout the game. Slasher’s Keep is an independent game that has been in development for a while, and having various characters to pick from gives it good replay value. The Diablo looking inventory system with an old-style Doom feel combined with a mix of unique gameplay stands out gives some interesting takes with the new Origins.

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Unlocking all of the Origins in the indie game Slasher’s Keep does require a lot of work, but the rewards are undoubtedly worth it. For example, using the Undead Origin gives players the ability to regenerate health by killing enemies and devouring their bodies. The Sasquatch Origin provides a knockback ability as another example of the power the Origins can have. Each will change the way players will go through the game, but getting the Origins a different change keeps the engagement level high.

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How To Get The Four Alternate Origins in Slasher’s Keep

Slasher's Keep Altar

The most straightforward Origin to acquire in Slasher’s Keep is the Demon Origin. After the 3rd floor, players will find a large black stone altar, where sacrificing their health will give different rewards. After killing the player by offering health until death, the Demon Origin will unlock. An extra step to get the new Origin character is to relaunch the game, which acts as a reset, and the Origin will appear, ready to select.

For the Sasquatch and Undead Origins, they are at the last boss fight. Inside the final boss room, one boss, called Bindrick, will be on a platform surrounded by a purple shield, and the other boss, named Ava, is on the ground floor wielding dual swords. On her death, Killing Ava will drop a furry-handed talisman that gives the Sasquatch Origin when collected. Here is where a problem lies where if players kill one or the other, the other left standing will either escape or die, meaning that players must come back to kill the other boss to get both. To kill Bindrick, players have to destroy the pillars that he stands on. When they get destroyed, he will fall to his death and drop a Jade Monkey. Pick the Jade Monkey, and the Undead Origin is unlocked.

The final Origin is called Jellyman and is unlocked when players find a few ingredients. The ingredients are the Energized Slime Sample, acquired from blue slimes, and the Energized Acid Sample, from the green slimes. Players will take both and put them in the Alchemical Device to create a potion called Distilled Gunk. Drink the tonic, and the fourth and final Origin will unlock.

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Slasher’s Keep is available on PC.

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