How to Get Every Ending in Demon’s Souls

Despite being a remake, not much has changed about Demon’s Souls for the PS5. This guide shows players how to achieve both endings to the game.

Like all of the From Software games, there are a lot of things for players to discover throughout the world of Demon’s Souls. Players will be able to track down a wide array of different weapons, armor, items, and even a few secrets that weren’t in the original game. Almost everything present in the Demon’s Souls remake though was a part of the game when it released eleven years ago.

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One of the more interesting aspects of the game is the two different endings that players are able to access. While there really aren’t any other narrative choices throughout the title, players will be able to make a different choice in the final moments of the game that will completely alter how the world ends up. This guide will show players what the endings are and how to get them both.

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Demon’s Souls: How to Get Both Endings

The endings of Demon's Souls explained

There are two very different endings to Demon’s Souls with one being the “good” ending and the other being the “bad” ending. Players will only have to make one choice at the end of the game to achieve either of these endings, so it is luckily pretty easy to get either one. Once players make their way through each of the game’s areas and defeat all of the bosses they can return to the Maiden in Black to be transported to the final area of the game. After making their way through this very challenging area players will be confronted by Old King Allant, who is the final boss of Demon’s Souls. Despite being the last boss this enemy will actually go down fairly easily, and players will then be able to speak to the Maiden in Black again.

At the end of this conversation, players are then given a pretty big choice that determines how the game ends: Either kill or spare the Maiden in Black. Killing the Maiden is the decidedly bad choice and reveals that the player is nothing more than a souls hungry monster like all the other beings they have defeated. Those who spare the Maiden though will ensure that the entirety of the world remains safe and the player’s character becomes its protector. Players who wish to see both endings to the game will need to playback through the whole experience to choose again.

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Demon’s Souls can be played on PlayStation 5.

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