How Long Immortals Fenyx Rising Takes To Beat

Immortals Fenyx Rising promises a lot of open-world exploration and plenty of items and weapons to find, but how long does it take to beat the game?

Ubisoft’s new IP, Immortals Fenyx Rising, is an open-world adventure that takes players through the gods and monsters of Greek mythology. There’s plenty of side content and treasures to find, which means the game can take quite a while to complete – even if players focus mostly on the main story. But just how long does Immortals Fenyx Rising actually take to beat?

The protagonist of the game is a young solider named Fenyx, who finds themselves stranded on Immortals Fenyx Rising’s Golden Isle. Pretty soon, though, the game opens up quite a bit and introduces players to all sorts of things to do. There are the Vaults of Tartaros, where players can solve puzzles and test their mettle. Overworld challenges, hidden grottos, and other side content also make up a large portion of Immortals Fenyx Rising, and there are countless items and weapons to find as well.

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Because of how open its world is, and due to the large amounts of optional content, the final playtimes for Immortals Fenyx Rising will vary. Early reviews of the game have mostly praised the amount of content Immortals Fenyx Rising has, but that can greatly alter just how long it takes someone to beat the game. Still, there’s a pretty good average for how long most people will beat the main story.

How Long Immortals Fenyx Rising’s Story Is

how long immortals fenyx rising takes to beat

On average, it looks like most people are able to beat Immortals Fenyx Rising in around 30 hours. This is a good time for people who focus mainly on the story, but who also take time to explore a bit and do a decent amount of side content like the game’s hidden grottos. For those who want to skip all the optional gameplay and just focus on the main story of Immortals Fenyx Rising, a more reasonable playtime might be 20-25 hours total.

However, for those who want to complete almost everything or even 100% the game, they can expect to double their playtimes in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Depending on play styles, some people may even reach final playtimes in the triple digits – and all of this is before Immortals Fenyx Rising starts to drop DLC. Once DLC is involved, getting through all the content the game has to offer could take even longer.

It really depends on playstyles and player preferences, because there’s a lot to potentially do in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Even with all these variables, though, most people should expect to get through the main story around the 30-hour mark.

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