Halo Infinite Dev Calls Battle Royale Rumors ‘Unfounded’

Rumors about a possible Halo Infinite battle royale mode were shot down today, but the lack of official information is keeping fans guessing.

Halo’s resident community manager has chimed in on recent rumors that Halo Infinite would include a battle royale mode, saying that they’re “unfounded.” Battle royale is the primary way many FPS players compete with others at this juncture, with veteran franchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield introducing their own modes to compete with games like Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The last main Halo release shipped with its own alternate Battlefield-style experience called Warzone, but it was far ahead of the current trend. While it wasn’t summarily rejected by the fanbase, the mode is definitely secondary in relation to Slayer, Capture The Flag, and other Arena multiplayer stalwarts.

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Developers at 343 Industries have claimed that they’re not interested in a battle royale mode as far back as 2018. However, the rumor making the rounds states that it’s Microsoft that’s pushing to include the popular type of multiplayer and that its release will be part of a rollout that happens over the course of an entire decade. This means that, if the rumor pans out, Halo Infinite will see huge updates like GTA Online, with content drops including a follow-up to Halo Wars and a separate campaign featuring Jameson Locke and the members of Fireteam Osiris.

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While it’s certainly possible that the Halo franchise can support both a battle royale experience and a continuously updated online world like Grand Theft Auto, a longtime Halo community manager stepped in today on Twitter to shoot down those rumors. Brian Jarrard called the entire set of rumors “unfounded.” He then commented that the team is preparing a year-end update that will hopefully answer some questions about the upcoming game.

The entire team at the Halo developer has been struggling to tell its own story following the delay of Halo Infinite past the launch of the Xbox Series X. The marketing campaign that was supposed to surround the game’s launch is currently ongoing, advertising armor coatings and other cosmetic extras that pose more questions than answers for fans who are lacking information about what the game’s multiplayer component actually entails. Fans are also worried because of rumors surrounding a trouble production before and after the delay. After all, Microsoft wouldn’t bring in legendary Halo developer Joseph Staten back into the fold unless there was some serious work to be done.

There has been zero official word concerning Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer modes, which is worrying for a franchise that changes things up so frequently. Additions like armor abilities, sprint, and even the most recent Spartan powers like clambering and charging have not caught on amongst the hardcore Halo faithful. The fact that 343 shifted ongoing support back to Halo: The Master Chief Collection is telling that the fanbase would rather revel in the past than look forward, and that’s a bad place to be for any AAA franchise looking to create a new game that financially supports itself over the course of a decade. Only time will tell if whatever 343 Industries comes up with will be the thing that gets both old and new Spartans back into the fold.

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Source: Brian Jarrard/Twitter

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