Fortnite Limits Nexus War Monetization To Support-A-Creator Members

Fortnite is limiting who can monetize their YouTube videos of the Nexus War end-of-season event to members of the Support-A-Creator program.

The end of Fortnite‘s illustrious Marvel-themed season is finally here with the climactic Nexus War live event, but only content creators who are a part of Epic Games’ Support-A-Creator program will be able to upload and monetize footage from the Galactus event. This is the first Fortnite event to limit monetization to Support-A-Creator members, and the limitations extend past who can monetize and also affect how long it can be monetized.

Fortnite has had a ton of in-game events with the biggest being the end-of-season events that transition the game into its next season. These events draw a massive number of players and always see the return of some of the internet’s largest streamers. These streamers flock to Fortnite for the content before returning to whatever they usually play as Fortnite‘s end-of-season events can draw a lot of views. Now, not every returning creator will be able to reap the benefits of participating in this event if they aren’t a Support-A-Creator member.

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The Fortnite Team published a blog post on the Epic Games website that outlined the details for the Nexus War event. The blog post was later updated to include the guidelines for Content Creators who intend to make YouTube videos of their perspective of the event. According to Epic Games, Support-A-Creator members will be able to “host VOD content” from the event if they have linked their YouTube and SAC accounts. This has to be done by contacting Epic Game’s Player Support. The post states that content creators are able to publish these videos due to a partnership with Lickd, a commercial music licensing platform. It is then expressly stated that content creators who are not a part of the Support-A-Creator program will not be able to monetize their content, but can still publish unmonetized videos.

These restrictions are likely due to the alleged use of copyrighted audio that is supposed to play during the event. However, even Support-A-Creator members are limited to how long they can monetize their videos of the event. Epic Games stated that videos from the Galactus event will remain monetized for 90 days, after which the videos will automatically be demonetized without issuing a takedown notification. Anyone who plans on uploading their reaction videos to YouTube will want to ensure their Support-A-Creator account is linked to their YouTube account before December 1st at 1 p.m. PST.

There is still one question on everyone’s mind: what about Twitch? Epic Games clarifying the safety of this event obviously stems from the recent issues Twitch has had with DMCA takedowns, but its post fails to mention the safety of streaming the event. It would be nice for content creators to know if they will be able to safely stream the event on Twitch without the fear of a DMCA takedown notice. Otherwise, Fortnite’s battle to save all reality may be short a few streamers who are more afraid of DMCA than they are of Galactus.

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