Crusader Kings 3 Lord Of The Rings Mod Lets Player Rule Middle-Earth

A new mod for Crusader Kings 3 lets players conquer Lord of the Ring’s legendary realm of Middle Earth as iconic characters like Theoden and Saruman.

A mod has been released for Crusader Kings 3 that lets players control factions from the epic fantasy series Lord of the RingsCrusader Kings 3 is a major strategy title from Paradox Interactive which released on September 1st, 2020. The game has been roundly praised for making the notoriously dense tactical genre more accessible to new players with better tutorials and enhanced RPG mechanics.

A game like Crusader Kings 3 seems like fertile ground for a crossover with Lord of the Rings. Fans of the legendary franchise can still fondly recall the epic, large-scale battles which took place in the films, determining the fate of the entire mythical realm for good or for evil. The iconic franchise is no stranger to the video game medium, either. Numerous video games over the years have sought to grasp the grandeur and adventure of the Lord of the Rings, some better than others. A new video game is even under development which focuses on Gollum, of all characters, providing an unexpected spotlight for the diminutive, slimy creature. It’s even coming to Nintendo Switch, so players can be Gollum on the go.

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If players’ ambitions are a bit grander than Gollum and his paranoid obsessions, then they should turn to this recent mod. It was highlighted by the official Crusader Kings 3 Twitter account as part of its tradition of “Mod Monday” which showcases some of the most impressive mods for Crusader Kings 3. This mod is called Lord of the Rings: Realms in Exile, and features the work of modders from previous Paradox Interactive strategy titles. It features a map of Middle Earth which can be explored and conquered by players controlling their choice from three different factions. Players can protect the Riders of Rohan as King Théoden, or attempt to destroy them as Saruman the White. Wulfgar Brynjarsson of Dunland, a character from a pre-existing Lord of the Rings strategy game, is also available.

It’s heartening to see Crusader Kings 3 so readily embracing the modding community, especially when the modding community is just as enthusiastically reciprocating. There are already a lot of mods available for Crusader Kings 3; even a day after release, the game had a whole mod based around Vampire: The Masquerade. If there’s one thing that’s true about modders for any title, it’s that their dedication is unparalleled, and they definitely deserve recognition and support from the developers of the games they love to alter.

Lord of the Rings fans who are keen on strategy should definitely take a look at this mod. A lot of work and a lot of love has clearly been put into making it an engaging and entertaining way to conquer Middle Earth, and the chance to play as iconic characters like Saruman should not be missed. Crusader Kings 3 is proving to be very fertile ground for the modding community, and there will likely be even more excellent mods coming in the future.

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