Among Us Crewmate & Pet Turned Into A Delicious Cake

One amazing baker has created the ultimate Among Us homage, in the form of a red velvet crewmate complete with a rice crispy pet and reflective visor.

In an incredibly mouth-watering homage to Among Us, one skilled baker has turned a crewmate and its mini-crewmate pet into a delicious cake. Among Us has been a surprise hit this year. This may in part be thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced people to stay at home and adapt to a new way of socializing. Its social gameplay made it an ideal choice for lockdown parties.

With its meteoric rise in popularity, Among Us has received numerous dedications from devoted fans throughout 2020. This has included an awesome and very catchy song by CG5, as well as many fan made recordings of the beloved indie game. One crewmate even popped up in Animal Crossing thanks to an amusing crossover video.

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Now one baker has recreated the Among Us crewmate and its pet out of sponge and icing. Sugar High Score shared their creation with a step by step guide on their YouTube channel, which is dedicated to making game-related sweet treats. After multiple requests on their channel from followers, the Among Us crewmate was lovingly baked in amazingly accurate form. With a red velvet sponge body, a cream cheese frosting inner and rice crispies for legs, backpack, and pet, this in one crewmate that any Impostor would be mad not to take a big juicy bite out of. Although its creator shared on Sugar High Score’s Twitter feed that the cake was almost (almost) “too cute to cut.” That being said, this sweet spongey crewmate is bedecked in red modelling chocolate, making the cake highly sus for those in the know.

This is not the first time that Among Us characters have been reimagined as a delicious afternoon treat. One loving wife created an adorable Among Us birthday cake for her husband, which included a scrumptious mini crewmate representing the couple’s future child. Aside from baking, the crewmate has also been made into a full-sized inflatable Halloween costume. There seems to be no limit to fans’ imaginations when these simplistic space suited characters are involved.

It is unclear how long Among Us will maintain its awesome popularity streak. In a little under two weeks’ time, the Game Awards will be announcing its 2020 winners. Among Us is nominated for the best mobile game alongside other breakout success Genshin Impact, as well as best multiplayer game. Considering Among Us was originally released in 2018, that is not bad going for a game that is already two years old.

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Among Us is available on PC, iOS, and Android.

Source: Sugar High Score/YouTube, Sugar High Score/Twitter

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