Ahsoka Tano Wasn’t The Only Star Wars Rebels Cameo In The Mandalorian

Ahsoka Tano made her live-action debut in The Mandalorian season 2, episode 5, “Chapter 13: The Jedi,” but she wasn’t the only Star Wars Rebels cameo.

Ahsoka Tano made her live-action debut in The Mandalorian season 2, episode 5, “Chapter 13: The Jedi,” but the installment also managed to sneak in a couple of other Star Wars Rebels cameos as well. Having been cast back in March 2020 and mentioned by Bo-Katan two episodes prior, Ahsoka’s arrival in The Mandalorian season 2 was hotly anticipated, and thankfully didn’t disappoint. Rosario Dawson proved to be perfect casting, and the show as a whole did a great job of bringing the character to life.

Ahsoka starred from beginning to end in “The Jedi”, as she showed off her prowess with her two white lightsabers, made some major reveals about Baby Yoda, including his real name being Grogu, defeated the Magistrate, and set up the re-introduction of a fan-favorite Star Wars villain, Grand Admiral Thrawn. A large reason for all of these connections and The Mandalorian‘s Ahsoka being so well received is that “The Jedi” was written and directed by Dave Filoni, the creative behind both Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, and the person who has shaped Ahsoka’s entire journey thus far.

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With Filoni fully in control of this episode, then it’s no surprise that not only does Ahsoka Tano work, but that there are also other nods to Rebels as well, with cameos from a convor and a tooka. When Mando is searching for Ahsoka in the forest, her arrival is preluded by an owl-like bird sitting atop a branch. This type of creature is a convor, regal birds that were popular pets across the galaxy and had strong connections to the Force. With several appearances in The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, convoree are of particular importance to Ahsoka, as the one featured in The Mandalorian is seemingly Morai, who formed a special bond with her across the two animated shows.

Loth-Cat and Morai In Star Wars

Morai was originally connected to the Daughter, the embodiment of the light side of the Force on the planet Mortis. When the Daughter died and transferred her life essence into Ahsoka, Morai became a companion and observer of Ahsoka’s, watching over her life, in particular during key moments, as seen here in The Mandalorian, and previous instances such as in The Clone Wars series finale. Ahsoka may not be a Jedi anymore, but Morai is evidence of her incredible connection to the Force as an avatar of the light. With “The Jedi” an episode that touches on Ahsoka’s journey and the Force itself, then it’s only fitting that Morai would appear.

The other Star Wars Rebels cameo in The Mandalorian season 2, episode 5 is a tooka, a species of cat  that can be found in a variety of colors and are characterized by their flat faces. One of these can be seen inside the walls of the city, looking a little alarmed as fighting breaks out. The most well known sub-species of tooka is the Loth-cat from the planet Lothal, which made several appearances in Rebels. The one in “The Jedi” does look like it has similar colorings to a Loth-cat, even though it’s on a different planet, and it further helps tie the series back to the animated shows. A Loth-cat has appeared in The Mandalorian before, in season 1, episode 4, “The Sanctuary,” but having one appear in the same episode as a convor and Ahsoka Tano makes this particular installment feel even more like a live-action continuation of Star Wars Rebels.

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