The Strange History Of Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jets

Wonder Woman’s invisible plane has been part of her character for decades, but it has frequently changing origin stories and some are just weird.

What comes to mind when thinking of Diana, Princess of Thymescira? Is it the Amazonian fighting skills that put her toe-to-toe with some of DC’s best and brightest? Is it the Lasso of Truth that helps her crack tough mysteries? Or what about the Bracelets of Submission (yes, they’re really called that) that deflect baddies’ bullets? Wonder Woman has some truly iconic gear but, certainly one of the most recognizable for many fans is something just a bit larger than bracelets and rope—her invisible jet.

In the early days of Wonder Woman’s introduction to DC readers, the Amazon couldn’t fly. Like many of her contemporaries at the time, she could jump and leap and catch the occasional updraft but hadn’t quite graduated to flying just yet. Therefore, a different means of transportation was needed for long distances. Enter Wonder Woman’s invisible plane in 1942’s Sensation Comics #1 as Diana returns Steve Trevor to America in her amazing Amazonian technology.

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The origins of the plane are murky at best, but the most bizarre and convoluted story comes from Wonder Woman #128 in 1962. In it, Diana explains how she came to possess the invisible jet. Diana describes following the goddess Athena’s advice to find a green grotto deep underwater where she helps a mer-man. This leads her to freeing a Pegasus that she uses to fly into battle against a pterodactyl. When passing through a strange cloud, however, the flying horse magically transforms into the plane.

Of course, the Pegasus isn’t the first origin story for the plane. In 1956, Wonder Woman #80 described how it was Queen Hippolyta who indirectly gifted the plane to Diana. With the parts scattered across the world, the Queen gave instructions to her daughter on how to find the pieces. Once Diana connected the broken portions of the plane back together, the plane only responded to her as the person who put it together, meaning no one else would be able to command the plane.

One of the more recent versions of Wonder Woman’s invisible plane was in 2004, where it was—once again—not technically a plane. It wasn’t a horse this time, however, but a Lansinarian Morphing Disk. The disk was actually an alien being separated from its “family” and found by the Lansinarians who used it as a tool before gifting it to Wonder Woman to express their gratefulness for her saving them. The Morphing Disk went on to be used as Wonder Woman’s new invisible plane, as well as other vehicles. Eventually, however, the Disk became upset that Wonder Woman—who was unaware it was a living thing—was treating it as a tool. Briefly manipulated into attacking Wonder Woman, it expresses remorse and becomes part of New Thymescira. Ultimately, the Disk gives its life to save thousands of innocent people, and Wonder Woman is left with the invisible plane, now lifeless.

Wonder Woman flying the Invisible Jet in a snowstorm

There are other planes dotted throughout Wonder Woman’s timelines. Some with mysterious origins, others made using the money from billionaire Bruce Wayne’s seemingly bottomless bank account, and one even modified from Steve Trevor’s plane.

Glimpses of Wonder Woman‘s jet are less frequent now, but there’s something still enjoyable about the ol’ invisible gal. Readers are certain to be curious about what exactly it will turn up as next—though it’s unlikely to be another Pegasus.

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