The Simpsons: 10 Most Annoying Characters, Ranked

As many know, The Simpsons is the longest-running, animated TV show in history. With the show full of episodes that never get old, the series has built up a prolific amount of unique characters – all with their own strange quirks and habits.

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However, although there is an endless list of beloved characters on the show, there are just as many that get under the skin of fans. Whether it’s an annoying catchphrase audiences’ are sick of hearing or an outdated stereotype, these are the most annoying characters The Simpsons has seen.

10 Mr. Largo

Being Lisa’s music teacher, it’s painful when Mr. Largo shows no interest in the eight-year-old. He fails to recognize her amazing talents and even encourages her to stop playing the saxophone.

But above all else, the character is simply one of the most boring characters on the show. Whenever he appears, it feels like wasted screen-time that could have been used on one of the hundreds of other characters.

9 Sideshow Mel

Sideshow Bob is an amazing character and one of the best additions to the show, having contempt for Krusty as he always lives in the clown’s shadow. It’s a great narrative and has a backstory with a lot of depth.

However, when it comes to Sideshow Mel, he comes off as annoyingly pointless. The character is just there for seemingly no reason whatsoever. Not only is the character completely inept of humor but he hasn’t been properly utilized by the writers in years.

8 Miss Hoover

The Simpsons - Miss Hoover

Though there’s such a diverse range of characters in the show, when it comes to the kids’ teachers, they all tend to have the same one-dimensional personality.

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If one takes a closer look at the teachers, they will notice Principal Skinner, Edna Krabappel, Mr. Largo, and, Miss Hoover are all depressed, chain smokers, who really don’t care about their students. Not only is she annoying when she is angry with her children but she also dismisses them. Why enter this profession if she had no interest in teaching?

7 Nelson Muntz

The Simpsons Nelson Muntz

Nelson Muntz is responsible for one of the quotes that will stick with us forever, but it isn’t the quote you think. The irritating yell of “Ha-ha!” is the most annoying quote the show has ever seen. Not only are his insults infuriating but he hasn’t ever gotten the comeuppance for his bullying.

Though it’s clearly the writer’s intention that he’s an unlikeable character, it would be nice to see some more development in Nelson’s character.

6 Yes Guy

The Simpsons - Yes guy

Being another character who exists only for a catchphrase that has gotten increasingly annoying over the years, ‘Yes Guy’ has few lines other than literally, “yes.”

Not only that, but he says the word with an annoying and unexplained vernacular. Given that not even the characters in The Simpsons like ‘Yes Man’, it’s no secret that he’s one of the fans’ most hated characters. Luckily, he’s not in the show all that much.

5 Herman


Thankfully, Herman has been used less and less over the years by the writers, as they must have known how little the character brought in terms of depth and humor.

There was never any clear outline for Herman. Every time the viewers saw him, he seemed to have a different role with each new appearance – whether it was being an arms dealer or selling knock-off trousers. These inconsistencies were confusing and massively annoying.

4 Lisa

The Simpsons Cool Lisa

Although The Simpsons clearly need the character, it still irritates fans when the writers constantly create storylines that involve Lisa having a bleak outlook on life.

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The character’s sometimes too extreme views on society and politics often seem more than a lecture than a character trait. She doesn’t have much respect for her elders (unless it’s Bleeding Gums Murphy,) and on top of all that, she’s responsible for the very worst episode of the show.

3 Patty And Selma

Patty and Selma are Marge’s annoying sisters, who show up every now and then to mumble something borderline inaudible that’s probably insulting Homer.

Besides the fact that they are serial daters, with most of Patty’s storylines involving her getting married, there is nothing interesting about them. The only time Selma has had a decent episode is when she married Sideshow Bob, who still ended up being the real star of the episode.

2 Cletus

Cletus in The Simpsons

Cletus wasn’t always an annoying character. In the beginning, he was a nice, friendly yokel. However, over the course of several seasons, the writers turned him into an incestuous creep, whose wife is seemingly always pregnant.

Adding to that are the copious amounts of unfunny redneck jokes, this character has turned into one of the worst stereotypes for those citizens living out in the countryside.

1 Sherri And Terri

Being one (or two) of Bart’s love interests, they are two of the few characters to have never been given their own proper episodes. Since the writers haven’t explored their backgrounds much, it seems like they don’t even care enough about them.

However, for some reason, they are always hanging around. All the other school kids have had their own episodes, whether it’s Milhouse, Ralph, or even Nelson, but Sherri and Terri remain the annoying brats we still know nothing about after 30 years.

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