The 5 Most Annoying Things Alex Ever Did (And 5 Sweetest)

When it comes to Alex Dunphy, the fans have mixed opinions about her. While she can be sweet to her family, there were times where she was annoying too.

Modern Family’s Alex Dunphy is the black sheep of the Dunphy family. She’s brilliant and logical, which is quite the opposite of her siblings. Her parents are both proud and bewildered by her intelligence and encourage her to reach for the stars – even if they don’t always understand her goals..

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But sometimes Alex’s brilliance gets in the way of being a nice daughter, sister, and friend. She judges those who lack her common sense and lets her competitive nature take over. For every sweet moment Alex has, she has an annoying one creeping behind the corner.

10 Annoying: Her Need To Win

alex dunphy dancing - modern family

Alex’s need to win comes from her mother. There’s a competitive nature in Alex and Claire that can’t be described. Acing exams and being top of her class isn’t good enough for Alex. She craves winning all the school awards, was willing to run a mile for the chance to be valedictorian, and she turned a family-friendly game of Scrabble into a bloodbath against Luke.

It’s fun for viewers to see Alex let her hair down from time to time but sometimes she sucks the fun out of activities because of her competitive side.

9 The Sweetest: She Helped With Haley’s Secret Wedding

When Haley and Dylan decided to have a simple, small wedding at the courthouse, Haley confided in Alex and asked her to be their one and only witness. Considering how troubled their relationship was in their younger years, this was a big moment in the sisters’ lives.

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Alex accepted Haley and Dylan’s offer and took the job seriously. And although Haley and Dylan’s small wedding didn’t turn out the way they wanted, Alex did everything she could to make it special for Haley.

8 Annoying: She Treated Her Boyfriends Like Dirt

alex dunphys boyfriends - modern family

Before Alex had a chance with Arvin, viewers saw her in relationships with Sanjay, Ben, and Bill. Her relationship with Sanjay was a big part of her life because he was her first love. The two encouraged each other to be better in their studies and were each other’s biggest supporters. When they broke up, it was downhill for Alex in the love department until the series finale.

Alex started dating her mom’s assistant, Ben, whom she was constantly embarrassed by. And when they broke up, she began dating Bill. But as sweet and handsome as Bill was, he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, which really bothered Alex. She treated him poorly and despised taking him to events that involve “smarter” people. Alex wasn’t always the popular girl growing up, so it’s shocking that she was capable of treating others poorly.

7 The Sweetest: She Took The Blame On Christmas

modern family christmas

In one of the first Christmas episodes, Claire and Phil find a burn mark on their couch and canceled the holiday. The small burn mark looked exactly like a cigarette burn, which made the Dunphys’ think one of their children was fooling around with cigarettes. Since no one fessed up, Claire and Phil thought their punishment was right.

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Alex eventually came forward and took the blame so that the family could celebrate happily. Shockingly, the burn mark was from the sun gleaming through a Christmas ornament. Everyone thought it was quite selfless of her.

6 Annoying: She Hides Her Successes From Her Parents

As competitive and bright as Alex is, she doesn’t love to show off her accomplishments to her parents. However, some believe this contradicts Alex’s personality as she loves to boast about winning awards (which could be a continuity error). Nevertheless, there are moments where Alex becomes standoffish and rude to her parents just to conceal her good news.

In “Stuck in a Moment,” Alex tries her hardest to hide the fact that she was winning an award from her dad at Caltech because she was embarrassed to bring him around her colleagues. She did the same thing on her college tour, when she got into various colleges, and when she’s succeeding. This never goes over well with her parents and makes them feel like they did something wrong.

5 The Sweetest: How She Handled Haley’s Pregnancy

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Knowing how rough Alex and Haley’s relationship was growing up, they sure did grow close by the series finale.

Haley was shocked and scared when she found out she was pregnant. The first person she told when she found out was none other than Alex. Instead of making fun of her, making light of the situation, or scalding Haley, Alex gave her supported her situation with love.

4 Annoying: She’s Snarky To Those Who Aren’t As Smart As Her

Alex Dunphy in modern familys white christmas

Alex didn’t realize how poorly she treated others who weren’t as smart as her until “White Christmas.” When a stranger spends Christmas with the Dunphy/Pritchett/Tucker clan, Alex realized how similar she was to the scientific stranger. But not in a good way.

The woman was stranded from her family, lacked social skills, and judged everyone beneath her. Alex quickly saw her potential future and didn’t like it. Sadly, her new upbeat personality didn’t last long after the realization.

3 The Sweetest: When She Tried To Empower Lily

alex and lily - modern family

Whenever Alex had the opportunity to spend time with Lily, she took it seriously and tried to empower her. She tried leading by example and read award-winning literature to her. She gave Lily pep talks about becoming more than a wife and put a focus on education.

Lily wasn’t always interested in what Alex had to say but Alex never gave up. By the time Lily was 13 and had her first time of the month, Alex was one of the more reasonable voices Lily needed at that moment. It’s a shame the two didn’t have more screen-time together.

2 Annoying: How She Treated Claire On Her College Tour

alex and claire at caltech - modern family

When it was time for Alex to choose a college, she went on a tour of Caltech with her entire family. Claire wanted Alex to go to Caltech because it was close by but Alex made it clear it wasn’t at the top of her list. She didn’t want to be that close to her family and needed to get away.

This broke Claire’s heart. She knew Alex would be working anywhere in the world after college, so she was hoping to get a few more years together with her daughter. Alex ignored her mother’s emotions and was sassy to her throughout the tour.

1 The Sweetest: Her Concern For Haley When She Was Kicked Out Of College

alex and haley talking - modern family

Alex and Haley never had the strongest relationship while growing up but when they’re down on their luck, they come through for each other.

Alex could have mocked Haley for months after she was kicked out of college. Instead, she hugged Haley and gave her the support that she needed at that moment. This moment in the series was a turning point in their relationship.

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