Swery’s The Good Life Finally Gets New Gameplay Trailer & Steam Page

Swery’s surreal new mystery game, The Good Life, has found a publisher, and now has a new Steam page and a brand new gameplay trailer to boot.

Video game designer Swery has finally found a publisher for his new open-world mystery game, The Good Life. The eccentric new title, which stars a New York photographer traveling to the English countryside to uncover the mystery behind the so-called “happiest town in the world,” was a Kickstarter success, raising more than ten million yen (about $95000) over the target.

Swery is likely most notorious for his work with the Deadly Premonition games. The first game in the series is often regarded as the most divisive video game of all time, and even holds a Guinness World Record for its critically polarizing nature. Swery presents an off-kilter horror mystery in a rural small town starring an eccentric federal agent, in a clear homage to Twin Peaks. Positive critics praised its distinctive storytelling methods and its unreliable narrator, while negative critics found it boring and confusing, and decried its poor graphics. Still, the game had enough of a positive reaction to spawn a sequel, Deadly Premonition 2, which got similarly mixed reviews, but which is generally regarded as inferior to its predecessor. Deadly Premonition 2 is also notorious for its insensitive presentation of a transgender character, a controversy that Swery himself has apologized for.

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But this controversy hasn’t kept Swery down. His new title, The Good Life, has finally found a publisher in the form of The Irregular Corporation, who helped Swery announce the new development on Twitter. The Irregular Corporation’s announcement features an excited message from Swery, who is clearly excited both to move forward with his new game and to show off his adorable stuffed gorilla. It then launches into a brand new trailer for the title. Swery’s hallmark eccentricities are on full display in the small town of Rainy Woods, which is full of characters who seem just as bizarre as Deadly Premonition fans would hope for. The gameplay looks reminiscent of these games as well; protagonist Naomi can be seen freely exploring the setting of Rainy Woods, taking photographs of strange and suspicious sights around town, and even riding around on sheep. The trailer also highlights a key gameplay feature; namely, Naomi’s bizarre ability to transform into a cat or a dog. Intrigued fans can avail themselves of the game’s new Steam page, which will let them wishlist it and keep tabs on its development.

The Good Life has a very quaint aspect, looking very reminiscent of famously tranquil life simulators like Stardew Valley. Despite this cutesy appearance, though, the game has already earned a PEGI 16 rating, hinting at some adult themes or dark tones lying in wait. If there’s one thing Deadly Premonition players can say with any certainty, it’s that nothing is ever as it seems in a Swery title. Time will tell what dark secrets lie in wait for players to dig up with their adorable cat paws.

If nothing else can be said for him, at least Swery is consistent in his inconsistency. His games routinely deliver bizarre and unexpected twists, some of which are brilliant, and others which are simply confusing. If the Deadly Premonition games are any indication, then no one will know if The Good Life is any good until they get their hands on it themselves. But if nothing else, at least The Irregular Corporation has faith in it.

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Source: Irregular Corp, Steam

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