Matilda Star Mara Wilson Has Played & Beaten Hades Several Times

Matilda star Mara Wilson reveals in a Twitter thread that she has beaten Supergiant Games’ Hades several times and shares her favorite weapons.


Matilda star Mara Wilson revealed this week that she’s beaten Hades several times and shared some of her own thoughts on a few gameplay elements. The Supergiant Games action RPG was just released in full on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch back in September following an Early Access release in 2018. In the game, players control Zagreus, the son of Hades, as he attempts to leave the Underworld for Mount Olympus.

Wilson took to Twitter to reveal that even though she’s completed the game multiple times, she “still hates the shield and the Bow.” She further elaborated that she didn’t understand the stacks and felt as though she were wasting Titan Blood, one of the game’s Artifact currencies that can be earned in the Underworld. Additionally, Wilson noted that she struggled to “get ambrosia [another Artifact] to anybody even though Achilles and I are like BFF.” The actress also commented on one of Hades’ more difficult weapons to obtain, the Adamant Rail, also known as the Exagryph, simply stating that she wasn’t “wild” about it.

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It wasn’t all bad reviews from the child star-turned-gamer, though, who noted that Fists and Spear were her favorite weapons. Fans took to the replies to share their own favorites and offer some tips should Wilson decide to pick up Hades once more. One user noted that the shield is useful when Chaos Aspect is upgraded, while another suggested using a Flurry Shot with bows to run through a bit faster.

Hades has proven to be a hugely successful title this year. The game is currently up for eight awards in The Game Awards 2020, including a nomination for the coveted Game of the Year Award. Other nominations include Best Action and Best Indie Game. Find out how Hades performs in this year’s awards show by tuning in on Dec. 10.

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