How To Check If A Tesla Is Affected By A Recall

It might be worth Tesla owners becoming more familiar with how to determine whether their electric vehicle has been affected by any recent recalls.

Tesla owners may need to start paying closer attention to news surrounding their electric vehicles (EVs), as several recalls have recently been announced by the automaker. Due to these recalls, it is worth Tesla owners knowing how to determine if their EV is subject to one and if so, what steps to take next to ensure their safety moving forward.

Tesla is an American automaker specializing in carbon-friendly electric vehicles and battery packs. Since its inception in 2003, the EV manufacturer has eclipsed the entire automotive industry with over one million Teslas delivered worldwide. However, recently Tesla has announced a recall of several of its Model X and Model Y electric SUVs for separate issues. While recalls are usually commonplace amongst most automakers, Tesla remains young in comparison and has not had to deal with this issue as much in the past. Now it seems the company is making up for lost time, as several safety and recall issues have come to light almost at once.

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For any current Tesla owner seeking further details or (hopefully) peace of mind, Tesla offers a recall search on its website. All an owner has to do is visit this page, and enter their Tesla VIN (vehicle identification number) to see if their specific vehicle has any outstanding recalls. The VIN can be found in the owner documentation received with the Tesla delivery, or on the EV itself. If a Tesla owner enters their VIN and any open safety recalls are listed, the website suggests contacting a local Tesla service center to get the issue rectified.

Tesla Crawling Over The 2020 Finish Line

Tesla vehicle recall

Like for many, 2020 has been a tough year for Tesla, especially as the months have gone on. While the world’s most valuable automaker has brought true innovation to its battery manufacturing and assembly lines globally, and has lowered the purchase price of several of its models, the bad press seems to have overshadowed the innovation as of late. In addition to the Model X and Model Y recall recently announced, Tesla is staring down the barrel of a class-action lawsuit for suspension issues on its Model X and Model S EVs. Besides the safety issues, the lawsuit also claims that Tesla allegedly knew about the problem and tried to cover it up by placing “user error” blame on owners.

Furthermore, the lawsuit points to a recall enacted by Tesla for all its affected EVs in China for the very same issues. So, in addition to the Model X and Model Y recalls recently announced, Tesla was already in the midst of a recall overseas. While the issues all appear to be fixable by a Tesla certified service department, they do seem to be appearing at an inopportune time, and share a lot of similar characteristics. With many of Tesla’s EVs still fairly new, its not unheard of for recalls to rear their heads. However, this automaker is most likely hoping no more Tesla-related safety issues arise any time soon.

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