Bennett Jordan of The Bachelorette Gets Booted

Bennett Jordan from The Bachelorette has been booted, which comes as no surprise to some after he revealed a broken engagement.

Apparently being “bougie” wasn’t enough to keep The Bachelorette contender, Bennett Jordan afloat: he allegedly gets the boot from Bachelorette Tayshia Adams on next week’s episode. It was obvious that Clare Crawley wasn’t going to choose Bennett in the end. However, it looked like he might have had a chance with Tayshia. She said in episode 1 that Bennett was “bougie,” and she could relate because she too was “bougie,” just like him.

However, in last week’s episode, Bennett gave us a bit of insight into his dating past, which could have been what led to his departure from the show. He admitted to calling off a recent engagement. To some women, this could be perceived as being too risky and a red flag.

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Now, reality TV writer Reality Steve seems to have the inside scoop, and spoiler alert: Steve recently posted this Tweet about Bennett, writing, “Just figured I’d get this out there now since so many are asking. In next week’s impromptu 2-on-1 date between Bennett and Noah – Noah gets the rose and Bennett gets sent home.” ICYMI, on last week’s episode during the one-on-one convo, Bennett confided in a very interested Tayshia that he was not proud of calling off his engagement. recently posted a photo of Bennett, alongside the now ex-fiance, Liz Brin. Apparently, the two got engaged while on vacation in 2019. They had been dating since 2015. Brin even proclaimed Bennett her “monkey forever and ever” in a post as late as August 2019. Armed with this recent info, it’s not too surprising that Tayshia would give Bennett the boot, especially after dealing with trust issues from her own divorce.

Fans are rooting for Tayshia to find love. She is definitely giving Part Deux of this Bachelorette season a lot more heart than part 1, where every guy seems to now be getting an equal chance at love. Reality Steve’s Final Rose prediction is one we didn’t see coming, and it should be interesting to see how it all pans out.

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